Double Testing For Returning Nationals

VC Bird Airport

Returning nationals will have to test twice for covid-19 as the government seeks to tighten protocols, Prime Minister Gaston Browne has said.

He said a negative COVID test before entering Antigua another upon arrival will be the new procedure going forward.

“We have decided that returning nationals who will be given the opportunity to quarantine at home, they not only have to test before they come here, when they get here they must test again in order to be eligible to quarantine at home,” Browne said.

“This is to reduce the risk of individuals inadvertently transferring COVID to their family and friends. I think too that even within the homes, if you know that you’ve been exposed or you are coming from a high-risk area and you’re in a home with others, I’m of the opinion that those individuals should even volunteer to wear masks in order to protect their loved ones.”

“Otherwise you should volunteer to wear a mask or we will end up with a disaster. This thing is real … and if we are not careful we will end up with community spread and that is where we will end up with a disaster,” the Prime Minister said.



  1. Smh … nonsense .. so then test them 24/7 … because if I get a negative result timely ,before I arrive why do I need another one upon arrival …. so test me after I leave the airport, then test me again a week later … because if your rational is I could have gotten it one week later then I can also get it one week later in Antigua.

    Why the hell are they subjecting people to this painful uncomfortable testing. A timely test before arrival is good enough

  2. I have to say I agree with the testing before travelling and on arrival. It’s not a painful test it’s just uncomfortable. Made me feel I was going to sneeze. But I have to wonder why nationals are made to self isolate when tourists can enjoy their holiday. 🤷🏻‍♀️

  3. @Janet Ramsey:Tourists do not have to come to Antigua.If they come to Antigua and cannot enjoyed themselves.They would then tell their friends to go else where.Why would a tourist come into Antigua to be quarantined and or be isolated.

  4. Tourists and Spanish naga come and go as they please, but pickey head smaddy have to get 5 tests and a surety! Antigua people ar’u vote fu dat!

  5. So sick and tired of black people constant “Woe is me” cries. Maybe we needs to be protected from ourselves. Take a drive to any popular beach on a Sunday – Fort James or Darkwood for example; picnics galore often with children present! When our children become lawbreakers eventually, we will no doubt scream discrimination. Just drive through St. John’s after hours on a weekend, drive through neighborhoods especially in congested areas and note the gatherings of unmasked revelers. You want to champion the black cause in Antigua? Start by educating the very black people who seem to care very little about their own health and that of others. No Black Lives Matter rhetoric necessary here.

  6. So what is the point of testing them upon departure? If they are going about their business let them go. If they need a test to go where they are going then they can request one .. stop forcing these stupid ideas on people. They are so dumb

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