Freedom Fighter Donette Simon has no interest in meeting PM, lawyer says


The Freedom Fighters of Antigua and Barbuda have refuted claims that members of the group agreed to meet with Prime Minister Gaston Browne.

Legal Advisor for the group, Leon ‘Chaku’ Symister has denied these claims.

This week Prime Minister Gaston Browne said he has agreed to meet with one of two women charged with organising Sunday’s protest.

He said the meeting was based on the request of one of the women who were charged for allegedly organising what police say was an illegal protest on Sunday.

Over the weekend, Browne who described the woman as “one of Percival Simon’s daughter”, said she was trying to reach him and that he had agreed to meet with her.

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  1. How is this woman a freedom fighter? Not getting vaccinated and not wearing a mask is the opposite of someone who is aware of all the pitfalls of this stance.

  2. What’s the point/purpose of “The Freedom Fighters” and all this protesting, if its not to change the policies of the Government? Ms Simon has an opportunity to speak directly with the PM and she’s not interested? What a joke!
    Personally, I am vaccinated and pro-vaccination, but I do believe in free speech and the right to protest. But if all you’re interested in is making noise and causing chaos, go home! You’d be better off spending your time actually researching what this virus, the variants and the vaccines are truly about. And then you would be first in line to get vaccinated!

  3. Behold the LEADER of the “freedom fighters” 🙌

    She looks credible, like she has a vision, plan and purpose for her people.

    Keep following her and she will lead you onward to victory✌

    She can even run as an independent candidate to offer the type of leadership and representation that she desires for her followers.

  4. First it was the Movement which was serpent trying to sell tee shirts on observer to fund his legal battles .. they have now evolved into the upp… now come the ffffffffffofab…which will soon evolve into the Movement… and poor shaku the entire pile of crap lawyer … girl u just Made us realize u are affiliated …and Franz did u take your daughter to college…or you went begging food again…. the man who sits in 2 dead man seat .. Winston Derek and Micheal Burton…. says something about u Franz

  5. @ CURIOUS

    Curious You’re the best. Well said They do not know what They are about. The BUSH LAWYERS in Antigua , CHAKU and TABOR are Their Representatives . What a BIG JOKE !!!!!

  6. Taking advice from CHAKU WAKU…… no dear. Now I understand why things unfolded the way that they did. Please get a sensible person to help you next time jack.

  7. One close look at this poor lady makes it clear that she is no “Freedom Fighter”. Does she even know what a real Freedom Fighter is??? She has a right to her opinion, of course, but don’t try to pose as a Freedom Fighter. Who is behind her anyway? What is the real meaning of all this???

  8. I saw CHARLESWORTH TABOR on the picket.line yesterday . Tabor will involve Himself just to be noticed.
    Why DONETTE SIMON and SHINNEL WILLIAMS weren’t at the picket.yedterda ?. They are afraid now They experienced LOCK UP. LOCKUP TAUGHT Them lesson. BUNCH OF UPP COWARDS.

  9. TABOR and CHAKU should be arrested for encouraging the DISRUPTIONS in Antigua. These Guys are working very hard for UPP. They both working for ATTORNEY GENERA which will never happen. Two joke LAWYERS.

  10. RUPERT MANN I am very disappointed in you. I thought you would be better informed. Of course the two Freedom Fighters Donette Simon and Shinnel Williams were at the picket. I hope you will be brave enough to attend the next one whenever it is called. Don’t be afraid of your comrade Gaston.

      TABOR I do not support STUPIDNESS. Tabor you know that the vaccine is not MANDATORY and you still continue to spew LIES. Hon. Gaston Browne said that vaccines are not MANDATORY. You should advise your followers Tabor. Tabor stop telling lies.
      Tabor I know you will listen to POINTE FM tomorrow to TRUTH TO POWER.

  11. This tells me that all she seems to know how to do is “mek noise, carry on like a “vagabun” and engage in “rar-rar-ray-ray” behavior. She is closing the door to dialogue with the very person she has baselessly criticized and made certain demands on. What is this vagabun really about? Who is operating her puppet strings? Is she a follower of JTruth who is abroad begging likkle money everytime from people on Facebook???

    Did she complete her secondary school education?

  12. Grandma does say, “A fool a talk and misbehave but it’s not a fool ah listening”. It’s better to seen and not be heard, especially when you’re loud, obnoxious and spouting ignorance. Then she would say, you will be known by the company you keep.

  13. Where is FREEDOM FIGHTERS BONITA WILLIAMS ? BONITA had the LOUDEST chat on Sunday . She is just a BIG MOUTH.

  14. Prime Minister Gaston Browne said he has agreed to meet with one of two women charged with organizing Sunday’s protest. So what is she trying to accomplish? I have never heard of a PM doing such. hmmmm

  15. Why give DONETTE SIMON so much attention ?
    This Woman cannot put two sentences together. She is been MANIPULATED by TABOR , CHAKU and UPP. What a PITY.

  16. So, you organised a protest. You wants to send a message to the authorities. You want to see certain changes made. The one person who can make those changes is the PM. I do not know who to believe in this back and forth, but i think if you gets an opportunity to meet anyone who can give you the changes you desire, jump at it, and try to convince him one on one. This may be a golden opportunity lost.

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