Dominican Republic Plans Border Fence to Keep Haitians at Bay

WFP giving out emergency food in Haiti Photo: WFP

BLOOMBERG: The Dominican Republic will begin fortifying its 234-mile border with Haiti — adding fences and remote sensors — as it tries to control undocumented migration and drug-trafficking, President Luis Abinader said.

In a speech before congress Saturday, Abinader said the barrier would start going up in the second half and would include “double fencing along the most complicated stretches, and a simple fence along the rest.” He also said new border controls would include facial-recognition technology, motion detectors, and infrared cameras.

“Within two years we want to bring an end to the serious problems of illegal immigration, narco-trafficking and the movement of stolen vehicles — problems that we have been suffering for years,” he said during an annual state-of-the-union speech that marks the country’s independence from Haiti in the 19th century.


The border fence is another reminder of how different the two nations are, despite sharing the Caribbean island of Hispaniola. Spanish-speaking Dominican Republic, on the eastern side of the island, has one of the largest and fastest-growing economies in the region, while Creole-speaking Haiti, in the west, is the poorest nation in the hemisphere.

Abinader’s announcement comes amid renewed turmoil in Haiti. Last week, two Dominican brothers and their Haitian interpreter were kidnapped in the capital, Port-au-Prince. And on Thursday, a massive prison break in Haiti lead to a manhunt that left at least two dozen people dead. In addition, anti-government protests are expected on Sunday.

Despite the new fence, Abinader said he’s committed to helping his neighbor. In recent weeks the Dominican Republic has issued IDs to undocumented Haitians and is pursing plans to build maternity hospitals in Haiti.

“We want a mutually beneficial relationship with Haiti,” Abinader said.

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  1. Should we as a Sovereign Nation fence them Dominicano out of Antigua and Barbuda.Many of you would say.They are our Caribbean brothers and sisters.My guess, the Haitians are not.I would like to hear from all of you so called,Black Conscious people.On this matter.When the USA build the wall on the Mexican Border.Yours were the loudest mouths in town.Now I await your responses to this matter of the Dominican Republic and Haiti.

    • .
      For years I worked with someone from Haiti and I always remember he said that Dominicans do not like Haitians . THEY PARTICULARLY DON’T LIKE HAITIANS THAT LIVE IN THEIR COUNTY YET WE ACCEPT THEM IN OURS . THESE ARE THE WORDS OF A HAITIAN MAN NOT MINE .

  2. The words and actions of bad seeds in a country, who discriminate and hate Haitians is not the views of an entire country and considering theres literally millions in the Dominican Republic, theres gonna be alot of bad seeds. A country protecting its interests isn’t racist, its racist when nothing is done to help them and leave them to suffer and die. I’m half dominican myself and I know for fact that not all dominicans hate haitians, but there is discriminations, and dont think just because Antigua dont share a border with anyone that we dont have the same kind of discrimination in OUR society. Are there people who dont like haitians yes, should there be change, yes, but let’s not be naive to the reality that this will take both time and resources to accomplish. A systematic approach where mutual cooperation is better than what we have today.

  3. The DR building a wall to keep out the black Haitians, but the ALP has imported these same people into our black country. In a few years, they’ll be building their apartheid wall in Antigua.

  4. Extending Citizenship by ancestry to those Dominicano was a horrible mistake in my opinion.Look at how they keep the areas in which they congregate inna Antigua.I am aware a handful of men went to Santo Domingo from Antigua to chop cane.How many off springs could they have produced?Where does it stops?When would it end? Time to end that crap.How do we as a country know.That all of those Dominicano in Antigua are off springs of Antiguans by ancesstry.They are treating the Haitians like third class persons in the Dominican Republic.Even though many were born there.Why? In my opinion.They are some of the most prejudice people any where in the entire Caribbean.Those Dominicano.

    • DR is a land of fakes.
      You want a fake Antiguan birth certificate for a Grand father, done. A fake driver’s license, done. Any thing you want, just pay the going price.

  5. Wait….all of us know that we are going to die and leave all this behind whether we want to or not??!!! Problem with walls is that it doesn’t only keep people out… keeps you in as a prisoner. Wake up people…It’s land and material things. You can’t carry it where you are going and God doesn’t care what’s in your bank account when you see him. We are all humans.

    • @Human: Your logic of the wall.It does not made any sense in this instance .It is not a prison.They are doing this to keep the Haitians out of their country,illegally.So them say.Because the people from the Dominican Republic could travel anywhere on earth. As long as they have the necessary documentations and meet the requirements to travel.

  6. Why they don’t like Haitians who have black skins?
    The answer is they fair, and butter skin with long hair like white people, and they black with a picky, roll up hair head. So they are convinced they are better than them. Never mind some of them never saw the inside of a secondary school, nor visited a doctor’s office, nor ever had indoor plumbing, they don’t care. They better because they white and we black.

    Our men don’t help here. I met this girl at a function. I was with my black girlfriend. She tried to come onto me. A month later, I met her in town. She said I should be with her because she was better looking. When I asked her why she said that, she said her skin was prettier and she had long hair. I controlled my anger and promised to call her. They come here and set up with our black guys because they are sure they cannot resist them. Some of us guys have bought cars and houses for these women, even back where they come from. Some of us guys have supported their boyfriends, their husbands because we do not know who they are and their names confuse us. This good friend of mine, a woman, once ask me, what is wrong with you guys? Are you all have so much low esteem that you have to have a butter skin woman who will give you all butter skin kids with long hair? I have thought about this for a long time.
    We brothers need a reset in our thinking. I have come to appreciate black women more and more. Some guys say the Spanish girls don’t give them any trouble. That could be true. They have their agenda and that is to make as much as they can out of us and go back and better their family. Can’t get mad with them. I understand that when a black woman is mad with you usually it is because she cares and it ends up better for you. Saves you a lot of shit and money too.

    Black skin men are still suffering from the inferior feeling that they must have a light skin woman to validate them. If you don’t believe me, look around you. Look at your TV.

    • I know a lot of people from the DR and they don’t consider themselves black. A lot of the women in Antigua are married and have their husbands and children back in DR.

  7. Haiti is the first black republic in the world. They fought the French for their freedom and had to pay a heavy tax to France for many years after independence. Why has Haiti joined the broken black countries of Africa? It has to do with the greedy and cruel dictators who held on to power with the help of the military. These dictators cared only about enriching themselves while the people remained in poverty and suffered, just like a lot of black African countries. There has never been democracy in Haiti. Think of Papa Doc who passed the country to his son Baby Doc until he was overthrown.
    I feel for Haitians as they have become the poor and desperate of the Caribbean. They have had many catastrophes, earthquakes, hurricanes and Cholera. Hopefully one day a leader will arise that lead the people out of poverty.

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