Dominican Left For Dead In Antigua Still Fears For His Life


One month after he was severely beaten and left for dead, Jahhym Azoo says he is afraid of walking the streets in Antigua and Barbuda.

Azoo who is Dominican is recovering at home but he tells Dominicanewsonline that he is afraid that those who attacked him would do it again.

He said he is aware that only two boys were charged and they have been released and are at large.

Azoo said he would rather return to his homeland where he will be more at peace.

Meantime his family has set up a go fund me page to assist in his medical bills which now stands at a whopping $70 thousand dollars.

When Azoo was admitted to the Mount St Johns Medical Center in St Johns he had severe bleeding to his brain coupled with a broken nose and jaw. The entire bottom row of his teeth was also knocked out.

Doctors had given him a fifty percent chance of survival.

Police insists that two young boys did the atrocious act but the victim maintains it was five.



  1. Is this what Antigua & Barbuda all about? A place we call paradise? This is really a sad sad story concerning this young man who was allegedly beaten & left to die by 5 youngsters and only 2 out of the 5 were charged…… The old saying states ” the appoller is just as worst as the theif” Now Did those 3 who were not charged assisted in any way to prevent the beating? Or did they stood there and enjoy what was going on? I believe strongly,
    the latter was done. Now the victim would be left with a life time psychlogical & physical scar, while atleast 3 of the 5 perpetrators get away scotts free….. In my view, our legal system needs looking into…. I just cant see this is considered to be justice!!!!

  2. If the young man is fear for his life, then why keep him in Antigua. Take him back to Dominica before stress and fear kill him.

    • Really? How about getting the thugs and criminals off the streets so he can enjoy his life in Antigua. What’s with the ignorant “go back where you came from” mentality?

      PS. I’m a born Antiguan too.

      • @Skyy…I was only thinking about the young man safety. I am an Antiguan born to and two of my great grandparents are from Dominica. I have cousins, aunts, and uncles who are Dominicans born.
        The police are not going to do anything so the best thing is get the young man back to Dominica for safety.

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