Dominican in line to head Antigua & Barbuda police force



Dominican, Atlee Rodney, is widely tipped to become the new head of the Royal Police Force of Antigua and Barbuda.

Rodney has been acting in that position for almost two years now but his new opportunity arose after the dismissal of the Commissioner of Police Wendel Robinson on Tuesday.

Robinson, who was born in St Vincent and the Grenadines, was on suspension since April 15th, 2018, when the Police Service Commission in Antigua began an internal investigation into complaints of sexual misconduct by male colleagues under the commissioner’s care.

The investigation later led to charges being brought against him and Rodney has been acting since.

In order for Rodney to become the next Commissioner, the PSC would have to make a recommendation to the prime minister which he has to accept.



  1. What?….No Antiguan and Barbudan officers are qualify for this position that is what they’re telling me? It is our country and let us be the head of own security forces. Antiguans and Barbudans we need rise up and take back what is ours. These top jobs in our country are ours.

    • Then why didn’t you all join the force back in those days to have the experience to lead, no, you all were are bunch of criminals who refuse to, even today you all refuse to take up positions such as security officers, instead you all look down on security officers and treat them with disrespect

      • As an Antiguan, I am ashamed by the statements of hate. We are no different than the current occupant of the White House.

  2. Oh lward!!!!! Not he!!!! Somebody else jack!!!!! He full ah fart!!!!! He only k bout he self!!! Please lward give it to soneone else!!!!!

  3. All of you that is talking about who should lead the Police Force of Antigua are full of crap. When Mr. Rodney Join the Police Force of Antigua & Barbuda in the early 80’s No Antiguan wanted to be part of it in those days. plesae stop it and give the man a brake. Mr. Rodney has been a faithful man in the Police Force More than the Antiguan who are there. so Please leave the Man alone

  4. ANR trying to incite xenophobic comments by the way it chose to write the headline????

    Come better dan dat. Don’t sink to observer level plz.

  5. Why don’t they give it to Pompey since he’s answering the name Mr Commissioner? He’s never been a Commissioner of Police. He was an acting commissioner for a brief period. He can accept now so he can Truly be a Commissioner, if confirmed.


      Some people often wished they had the opportunity others had.

      A ‘…Flocked Brain’ often impedes their progress and dampens the spirit.

      This is not only a ‘…Nonsensical Suggestion,’ but also the ‘…Flockest’ (new word) comment ever read at this news portal.

      If it pleases or enlightens this ‘… Grudging Flock-Brainer’ (new coined word), Rawlston Pompey voluntary opted for ‘…EARLY RETIREMENT,’ [2005].

      Therefore, he desires no ‘…Flock-Brainer’ to make representation for him.

      Why not make representation for some loving granny or grand-daddy instead?

      Then you may represent yourself to be at least their ‘…Acting Deputy.’

      Sure they would be able to remove ‘…Flocks’ from your brain.


        You know, ‘…Rawlston Pompey’ may add a bit of humor in a comment, particularly with my friend ‘…Duncy Bat,’ but never insinuate or insert the names of people.

        Some people contribute nothing, but ‘…unhelpful nonsense.’

        If this news portal published a ‘…Dominican is tipped to be Commissioner,’ what has this to do with ‘…Rawlston Pompey,’ a born-Vincentian a retired law enforcer?

        Most grateful to ‘…Antigua News Room’ (ANR) for publishing my response.

  6. Sir George deported all these people in the 70’s, but the ALP let them back in, and now there’s no room for indigenous Antiguans. Senior positions in the police and defense forces should be reserved for indigenous Antiguans. Picky head people in Antigua can’t go to Dominica or St. Vincent and get big jobs.

    • What about Mrs. La Toya Lake-Marshall (Antiguan), who became /accepted the position as the new Director of the Police Forensics Lab in St. Kitts? She wasn’t even appreciated by her own people when she was a part of the force here.

  7. Clickbait headline ANR.
    IMO Mr Rodney is a poor choice as the top cop. He has done nothing in the past two years to help clean up the horrible reputation of the police force.

  8. Since the very early seventies not many Antiguans/Barbudans wanted to join the Police force, hence the recruitment of overseas nationals. Now many have worked faithfully over the years and now its time for them to reap harvest, Why the opposition? Sure if there were indigenous A/Bans they would have appointed them as they did with others. Mr Commissioner now is the time to use your skills and leadership to make a difference in the force. You cannot please all the people all/every time Just say NO to the Politicians if approached to do any dirty work for them, and do your job as you were trained to do.

  9. Why the xenophobia towards foreigners heading anything in Antigua when in the same breath we celebrate when our own do well on foreign soil?

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