DOMINICA: Marigot Residents Clear The Way For Them To Vote In General election


Marigot residents have cleared the way to ensure that they will vote in tomorrow’s general election.

Today, they cleared the roads in marigot of blockages from recently held protests over the hot button issue of electoral reform.

Brian Linton, the brother of Opposition leader, Lennox Linton, made the disclosure during an interview with Q95 Radio on Wednesday.

He said the cleanup was done by the same persons who were involved in the protests actions in order for officials to make the necessary preparations in the Marigot constituency for tomorrow’s elections.

“The people who are supposed to come and prepare the Marigot constituency for elections tomorrow can make their way up to the constituency,” he said.

“It is being cleared by the people who saw the need for the protest… they are the very ones cleaning the road so the government must not have any excuse for bringing all that is necessary to be brought up to Marigot on time.”



  1. I am not a Dominican but I believe that The Labour Party is the best Administration for Dominican. Just like in Antigua I cannot see UPP ever to be voted into power AGAIN. Labour Party will govern all OECS Islands.

  2. Even though I did not agree with the time & method the opposition used to voice their concerns……. their concerns were legitimate! I am very much a supporter of the DLP however, commendations must be given to the protesters for taking the actions of cleaning up their own mess to allow a peaceful election….. In my view it is an indicator of a mature, civic minded society. Congrats to the protesters once again….

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