DOMINICA: Dominica re-open its borders to all travelers on August 7


The Nature Island of the Caribbean, Dominica will re-open its borders to international travelers on August 7. The reopening of borders is happening with a phased approach with nationals and residents allowed to return home from July 15 and all international visitors able to travel to the island from August 7, 2020.

Health and safety guidelines and protocols have been carefully deliberated and formally announced to minimize the risk of new cases of COVID-19 once the borders are reopened.

These protocols to be followed:


Protocols for Pre-Arrival
Compulsory requirements for all arriving passengers/travelers
All travelers must:
1. Submit a health questionnaire online at least 24 hours prior to arrival
2. Show notification of clearance to travel.
3. Submit a negative PCR test result recorded within 24-72 hours prior to arrival
General protocols and guidelines upon arrival

Travelers must:

1. Wear face masks at all times during the arrival process up to and including departure from the airport
2. Observe physical distancing guidelines
3. Practice good respiratory and personal sanitization
4. Follow all instructions of health care staff and officials

Disembarkation and Testing:

Children under 5 years are exempt from testing fees.

Travelers must:

1. Sanitize their hands at sanitization stations as directed
2. Undergo a health assessment to include a temperature check
3. Provide confirmation of the health questionnaire and negative PCR test results
4. Undergo rapid test screening and with a negative test result, they will be conveyed to immigration for processing and to customs for screening. Luggage will be sanitized when taken off conveyor belt

Those travelers who report a high temperature, high risk alert from their health questionnaire or Positive Rapid Test will:

1. Proceed to secondary screening area
2. Be given a PCR test
3. Be transported to mandatory quarantine at a government-approved facility or government certified hotel at their expense awaiting results
4. If the test result is positive, the traveller may be quarantined until released by an authorized health professional
Departure From Dominica

Vehicles will be permitted to enter the air and seaport with only the driver and travelers.

Travelers must:

1. Wear face masks at all times during the departure process until departure from airport.
2. Observe physical distancing.
3. Practice good respiratory and personal sanitization
4. Follow instructions of health care staff and officials

While restrictions to curtail the spread of COVID-19 have been lifted in Dominica, the health and safety protocols for respiratory etiquette, wearing of face masks, proper and frequent hand washing, sanitizing and physical distancing will still apply.