DOMINICA: DLP Wins Again According To Unofficial Reports


The Dominica Labour Party (DLP) led by Prime Minister Roosevelt Skerrit has won an unprecedented fifth term in general elections in Dominica.

Dominicans went to the poll on December 6, 2019, amidst weeks of protest and court battles which ended on the eve of the elections with the court of appeal upholding the decision of the high court Judge of refusing to grant an injunction to stop the elections.

According to preliminary results of the election, the DLP won 18 of the 21 seats in the island’s parliament with the wife of the Prime Minister Melissia Skerrit comfortably winning the Roseau Central seat which has been a stronghold of the United Workers Party.

Joseph Isaac previously held that seat for the UWP but crossed the floor to the DLP and was made a government Minister, he contested the Roseau North seat for the DLP but lost.

Among the casualties for the opposition United Workers Party (UWP) is its deputy leader, attorney at law, Joshua Francis who lost his Roseau South seat to newcomer Cherika Lockhart Hypolite.

The UWP held six seats before the last general elections and the DLP 15.

Supporters of the Dominica Labour Party took to the streets in jubilation as they celebrated their party’s victory.



  1. The red flag of international labour and social democracy continues to fly proudly in our beautiful Caribbean. Congratulations to the People of Dominica. Democratic Socialism, as advocated by the ruling party, triumphs again. Hearty congratulations.

  2. As I watched the Election results in Dominica….The beautiful Island of Antigua came to mind. This is a STRONG message to the UPP in Antigua. In the year 2023 Antigua Labour Party will win all the seats including Barbuda. The Citizens have seen the impact of Labour party throughout the Caribbean. The UPP will NEVER win another election in Antigua . Hon. Gaston Browne just continue in this vein and leave UPP , MOVEMENT ,OBSERVER RADIO and THE FAITHFUL NATIONALS to keep bawling out Their throat. Long lived Antigua Labour Party. Serpent and Knight are licking Their wounds as usual.

  3. Cannot see any postings from CLEON ATHILL ,SERPENT , KNIGHT ,GLADYS POTTER on the LANDSLIDE results from the Dominica Elections . It only shows that whatever the above mentioned names predicted it is always the opposite. It also clearly shows that NOISE does not win election. It is SMARTS , QUIETNESS and STRATEGIES win election. Coming on Observer Radio every night and bawling out your throat is a BIG waste of time . Let Us wait for 2023 in Antigua to see ABLP Landside victory . Whenever I listen to you Guys I just Laugh .

    • Why we just had a landslide a year ago
      You guys seem to forget very quickly
      UPP won only one seat

      • The UPP was wiped out. How soon some forget. The People have spoken in Dominica and Antigua. Labour rules! Peace to all.


    Those vying for ‘…Elective office,’ should now know that ‘…Fears,’ whether real or imaginary and ‘…Protestations and Violence,’ never give electoral mandates.

    Only the electorate do.

    Though there may be ‘…perceived flawed processes,’ the defeated may still pursue ‘…Election Petitions’ in the Judiciary.

    But then, the Judiciary is known for its ridiculous judicial bias.

    The Eastern Caribbean Supreme Court (ECSC) set aside Justice Brian Cottle’s ruling, citing ‘…apparent bias’ [March 7, 2017].

    This was further compounded by inordinate delays in making final determinations of these Petitions [St. Vincent and the Grenadines: 2015-2017: Searchlight News].

    Incidentally, those Petitions are still pending before the High Court of Justice [SVG: March 7, 2017-].

  5. Mr. Pompey , You are correct . Wonderful contribution as usual. Noise and Rhetoric . Calling People all sorts of names are just for entertainment and for Knight and Serpent self satisfaction . These two Guys are the BIGGEST waste of time as talk show hosts in Antigua. No Substance.

  6. Hon. Gaston Browne just read on your Facebook page that ” ELECTORAL VIOLENCE DOES NOT WIN ELECTION”. I would like to add “ELECTORAL RHETORIC , NOISE ,LACK OF SUBSTANCE ,LIES ..DOES NOT WIN ELECTION” Quote of the day.

    • So true. I hope Melford’s BANGING POST is paying attention. He likes to get blows, bruised, beaten and battered. What a strong message Harold Lovell is sending to victims of domestic violence – that it’s ok to endure beatings. May he not allow pride to wreak havoc any longer and clear the way for a REAL LEADER to rescue the party from the bottomless pit.

  7. Lenox Lintion and Harold Lovell have 2 things in common. Both have big dreams of becoming Prime Minister of a country and both suffer crushing defeats at the polls. Both need to hang it up and ride off into the sunset but at lease Linton win he seat unlike Lovell.

  8. Yet again that Wickham guy has got it wrong. How come his polling never predicted it? He tried a fence sitter but his predictions remained way off!

    • Seems Wickham long ago lost his credibility. He’s a good guesser (sometimes), but that’s not good enough.

  9. Just saying for a friend

    I hope you are joking. I heard Peter Wickam predicted this outcome of the election in Dominica. Peter Wickham is always correct in His Polling. 2014 AND 2018 Peter Wickham predicted that ABLP would win a LANDSLIDE victory in Antigua and so said so it happened.

    • And he also predicted that for Barbados
      Polling is a science
      But sometimes you can have it all wrong
      See what happened in the USA. Everyone thought Hillary Clinton would have won

      • It is true, however, that Hillary Clinton received far more popular votes than did the current occupant of the White House, but the system didn’t work (for her). She is a WINNER whether they want to admit so or not.

  10. “How dumb are these people?”

    If things are so great under the DLP, why are thousands of these fools in Antigua? The DLP yard fowls need to tell their compatriots in Antigua to come home and enjoy life under the DLP sunshine.

    • @Mr. Byam
      The people chose who they wanted.
      And if you live in Antigua and ever been to Dominica you would know that Antigua is a more vibrant an prosperous place than Dominica. People are always looking for a better life. Are you aware of the long migration list of Antiguans? Migration is good for third world and developing countries. For example, look at the turmoil that Puerto Rico is in now. They are dead broke! Poverty is increasing! But over the last 50 years there are more than half of PuertoRican residents migrated to North America. If that didn’t happen then they probably would be eating each other now. Another example… Just pick the 10000 Antiguans who don’t want to work and leach off the government Vs the 10000 who live abroad and send home a little small-chage every now and again for their parents and relatives, in addition to returning home once per year. Which group do you think does more for the local economy?

      • @Coin Dadly. People don’t necessarily come to Antigua in search of a better life else Wendy’s and Bruce’s would be closed. In fact most come because the door is constantly held open for ‘Raps’, ‘Craps’ and ‘Bunny’, all in the hope that they will keep ABLP in power. It would be nice for Sideline to tell us truthfully why he came.

    • So because DLP won the elections by a landslide u want to insult the people?? Wtf is wrong with u?? Maybe if UWP would have focus on persenting themselves and give the electroate a proper reason to vote out DLP. Shups u sound like a real sore loser.

  11. “Moreover, the UWP failed to present the agenda in elections as the party mainly focused on the protest and violent activities instead of development or vision for the Commonwealth of Dominica. Ignorance of youth was another aspect which peddled the opposition party towards collapse.”

    • “…the UWP failed to present the agenda in elections as the party mainly focused on the protest and violent activities…”


  12. Mr. Linton must present Himself as a Leader and stop hiding behind the FOOLS that like to cause DISTURBANCES. I believe that Mr. Linton got caught up with the RHETORIC coming out Observer Radio in Antigua . EVERYONE now knows that who SERPENT , KNIGHT ,CLEON ATHILL endorse will lose . Please keep that in mind for 2023 in Antigua and Barbuda. God Bless Hon. Gaston Browne (Prime Minister ) Antigua and Barbuda.

  13. LMAO. You are real funny. Anyway maybe you have a point. UPP lacks a leader. At this point ANYBODY WILL DO. lol

    Following your logic Vere Bird 3 should become leader. He and Sean can plot to overthrow Lovell and then depose Jamale Pringle. LMAO me belly



  14. Congrats to Roosevelt Skerritt and his Labour party team…… Labour is always the way to go… is the bloodline of any nation…. Without blood life cannot not exist….. Now, during this term of governance I am hoping that Skerritt will be wise enough to implement the ” electoral reform” early….. It is necessary and transparent for any democracy

    • In his post-election speech, Mr. Skerritt indicated that he would set up a commission to be headed by a notable Caribbean jurist to address the electoral reform matter.

  15. Mr. Byam i thought the same thing, But i see the labour people enjoying their brand of corruption.
    Congrats to the Dominicans.Those in antigua for over 20 years that coincides with your illustrious leader’s tenure.
    I hope he gets around to fixing Dominica’s economy for the benefit of all. We in Antigua contrary to popular belief cant continue to absorb those who cant make it in Rousseau. Antiguans would like work in their homeland.

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