Doctors who abuse sick leave warned, under scrutiny from the government


The Cabinet was made aware that several workers are abusing the sick-leave provision included in the labour contract under which they are employed; additional scrutiny is to be paid to doctors who enable false claims; if so determined, the false diagnosis will result in severe penalties to the doctors as well, including the loss of licence to practice.

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  1. Good, this has been happening far too long, there r known certain doctors who u can go see to get a sick leave. Nonsense, glad they got their warning!

  2. When alot of us has been saying what their agendas are we are called conspiracy theorists, crazy and spreading false information and yet time after time everything has come to past.

    this was part of the plan all along. there has never been an issue with sick leave before and all of a sudden it became a problem after you gaston clown illegally mandated something that goes againts the ppls consitutional rights.
    its all a mind game to deceive and fool the ppl to take yall bioweapon and those who do take it, you know they will be starting to get sick especially those who are going on their 3rd shot.

    Gaston clown, not everyone is blind to the agenda yall are trying got fulfill, who ever survives the trial run of the bioweapon will be under the new beast system, from the vaccince passport will come the new social security system

  3. This is what would happen.When you have been sodomized for to long and you lay down and take it without putting a fight.In the words of a late National.He did say,”Antigua People like to be Sodomized”. I really wondered if he was right,RIP,good Citizen.

  4. I can only imagine this is a feeble attempt to try and rattle Doctors. I know that politicians tend to be experts in everything, but please tell me how will they challenge a Dr’s diagnosis. Even if they send me to the stool pigeon (CMO) can she tell me that my back isn’t hurting me, or I’m not experiencing severe headaches? This is all nonsense

      • Even if they run every scan known to mankind, and they cannot find any dysfunction to support the patient’s complaint, no Dr can dispute that the patient is not experiencing pain.

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