Doctor With COVID-19 May Have Infected Patients In Antigua & Barbuda


Scores of people in Antigua & Barbuda were exposed to the new coronavirus after visiting a doctor who contracted the illness.

 This was revealed by Dr. Joseph “Joey” John who without naming the doctor confirmed the sick physician is among the nine cases that have so far been reported in the country.

“We didn’t really need to really get a test, in my opinion, the history was classic but not only the history the chest x-ray was absolutely pathognomonic, but the COVID-19 test did come back positive”, Dr John revealed.

The doctor, who John told state media is “fighting for his life”, reportedly saw several patients shortly before becoming sick.

“Let’s put it this way, it was a lot of patients and I don’t wanna scare people, but it was a hell of a lot of patients”, John said.

However, John assured “all those patients, I can tell you, the government tracked them all down every single one and they are in isolation and as soon as any of them show any symptoms, they have the information as to what to do”.

He said this is “one of the signature cases that I think could really, you know, jumpstart this whole thing but rest assured, I have been made assured, that the government is very much on top of it”.

Dr. John said over the last three weeks dozens of people his office to report upper respiratory symptoms and he believes the number of persons infected in Antigua & Barbuda could be a lot more than the cases that have been confirmed by laboratory tests.

“Each of those persons were told to isolate and so forth and stay in contact with the necessary public health officials, call us back if they need us and so forth but a good percentage of those are gonna be COVID-19”, John concluded.

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  1. Why not name the doctor and ask anyone who had contact with him to contact the authorities. Did he participate in any surgery at the hospital as I know someone who had surgery on the 12 or 11 March who now has a cold and fever.

  2. Let’s just put this out there! The government or any other person, work place or organization CANNOT reveal the name of a person/persons with ANY ILLNESS what so ever! That is a violation of privacy, especially medically. That’s the reason why they don’t publish a list of people with the virus or any other disease such as HIV etc. so why would you ask for the name. As doctor John said.. the government contacted those affected, as they would have been in the doctors office by appointment so they would have their information.. That’s as far as that goes … NOW as for if those people in contact with the Covid 19 doctor interacted with multiple people then that’s a recipe for disaster.. let’s continue to be responsible and be safe and considerate of others … and act like we have some semblance of sense people.

    • The problem with this is that he had ABSOLUTELY NO BUSINESS divulging such information. He didn’t start his interview and state that he was authorized to even divulge such information. It was reckless of him. He should’ve waited or asked the Chief Medical Officer or the PM or the Minister of Health for example to make this announcement. I listened to his entire interview and whatever little respect I had for him, as a medical doctor, is now completely gone. Divulging such information about the doctor created more confusion and mass panic. If he was so interested in giving an interview, he should have stuck to the advise of social distancing, self isolation and ways to improve ones health and even advise if you find yourself with symptoms what to do.

      His interview was a total train wreck.

      • His interview was spot on but if u didn’t know the doc in question would u be complaining? Tks to Joey the country now taking this plague serious instead of the lies of the Authorities. Move along more doctors are sick and still a secret. No transparency whatsoever playing Russian Roulette with ppl lives.

        • You weren’t taking it seriously before? So if he came on and said to go about your regular business you would have? Very curious indeed.

      • Dr. John was right in bringing this to our attention because the govt and medical big shots are hiding too much. This is a serious situation and the information about what period this doctor saw patients while having the virus should be made public. I personally dont think the Ministry of health or the Minister of health are on top of this.

        Why are people who are confirmed with the covid 19 virus allowed to self isolated at their homes is beyond me.
        Every person who is confirmed should be in a special facility where they are not allowed to come out into the community to expose anyone else..this is just common sense. When the Minister of Health can go on state media and calmly and comfortably say that some persons with confirmed Covid 19 were allow to go home and isolated themselves I was appalled. So these persons all happen to live by themselves? Who is in place to ensure that they stay in their homes? And what about others who may live in that same home?
        This situation is just unacceptable.

  3. If any of you who is talk about transparency or who is asking for Names if any of you had gonorrhea and something like HIV would it be right to announce your names I am sure the answer will be no, if you understand epidemiology then you would understand that anyone having had contact will be followed, thank you and I respects everyone opinions and right to privacy

  4. @Disturb and Susan G say it louder in the for the dunce people in the back. Publishing sick people names is a huge violation of their privicy.

    • This is case of national security. Don’t worry if so many people could be infected, the public will know the name eventually. When all the infected persons start spreading the disease you will realize what was more important.

      • No. In the best interest of National Security….stay your a$$ at home. Publishing the names of sick people does nothing but have them the target of malicious gossip and evilness that we know people will inflict. If you stay your a$$ at home then you have nothing to worry about. Go read your bible instead of fishing for people’s business. #boredom

      • @We will see where this goes…..instead of worrying about the name of the doctor why don’t u your a$$ home then u will be safe.

  5. Case reports of a communicable disease provide minimal identifying data of name, address, diagnosis, age, gender and date of report for each patient, and, in some instances, other suspected cases. Dates of onset and basis for diagnosis are also useful.

    Sexually transmitted diseases are different trying to compare that to coronavirus is stupid at best..

    This doctor obviously interacted with people other than patients… So yes publish his name…stop protecting the rich

    • What does the address of the person have to do with anything? Do they live within 6 ft of you? the person could be your next door neighbor but you are supposed to be exercising social distancing anyway. Joey’s interview was disappointing at best. Lacked direction. Maybe the incorrect questions were asked but he could always have steered the conversation. Just saying…..

  6. It’s sad because I heard about this a week before it was confirmed and now watch ya! I hate it here.

  7. Everyone one knows the doctor ,what we don’t know is the patients who may have contracted the virus and the possible community spreading,that is the real danger. 2 more weeks of locked down is needed to observe and contain this threat of possible outbreak or spike in cases

    • We might not know but I am sure the authorities know. As long as they are calling around to the patients that’s what is important. Besides, the patients also know they saw the good doctor so it’s also up to them to make contact with the authorities. I hope no one who had contact with him is sitting back and not doing the right thing.

  8. Lets make more awareness of symptoms in to grassroot of society. Individual should take of care of social distancing and come forward , if any such symptoms observed , instead of hiding them and further spreading in to family and society.
    Let’s pledge to save beautiful island and flight against corona

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