DNA promises lower food costs


Twenty-seven percent of the population in Antigua and Barbuda is malnourished according to the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO).

One Democratic National Alliance (DNA) spokesman, Bruce Goodwin, said that this problem lies directly at the feet of the ruling administration and its predecessors.

“None of the administrations have been able to tackle the problem of developing effective policy and implementing effective policy (in dealing with food security),” Goodwin said.

The spokesman went on to take swipes at what he called the “dying” school meals program as he said, “look at what’s happened to the school meals program. From nutritious hot meals, they’ve gone now to hot dogs and hamburgers… junk food!”

The pervasive malnutrition situation, “also leads to an increase in antisocial and immoral behavior in society in general on the part of persons who are so frustrated by the fall of their living standards that they get into other endeavors that are not so wholesome,” implored the DNA spokesman.

Goodwin also points out Antigua and Barbuda’s huge dependency on imported foods citing that of CARICOM’s $6 billion importation bill, Antigua and Barbuda imports $500 million (8.3 percent est.).

“We are going to bring about a significant reduction in the cost of food by providing an enabling environment for a massive increase in local food production to substitute for the expensive imports of food.”

“It’s not because you see people fat that they are well-nourished, because a lot of malnourished people are obese and Antigua has a big obesity problem.”

According to the FAO, in Antigua and Barbuda obesity affects 22.8 percent of men and 38.7 percent of women.

“And it’s because they are malnourished, some of them, that they have become obese because they are eating the wrong food. And they are eating the wrong food because they cannot afford the right food. Food is too expensive,” Goodwin continued.

An enabling food security environment, the DNA hopes, will lead to the production of a vast quantity of food options at affordable prices. Also, they plan for a small business development policy that will encourage investment in food processing and packaging to lead to healthier food choices.

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  1. We are going to bring about a significant reduction in the cost of food by providing an enabling environment for a massive increase in local food production to substitute for the expensive imports of food.”

    Care to elaborate? Every election, every party. What you will and won’t do and then we get the same thing. All you doing is trying to secure a pension. DETAILS!! No word play.

    • So true! That cycle needs to end in Antigua and Barbuda. They’re securing pensions, getting richer, putting the majority of the people last, after their enriching network and habits are exhausted.

      We need a party who truly and sincerely serves all the people first and building a greater nation especially for the future generations. A party who’s agenda isn’t about enriching themselves first.

    • Well Said!!! The statement sounds so theoretical and word for word from some high school text book!!

      It is time to apply knowledge and say exactly how you propose the accomplish your goals!!

  2. Is this the same Bruce who referred to Guyanese and Jamaicans as PAUPERS? Or is it a different Bruce who BRAGGED about fulling up a charter flight of students to secure votes for the UPP?

    • When will u party hacks stop propagating these blatant lies about the gentleman? Will u all never stop distorting and misrepresenting that interview he had with Serpent so many years ago? Yes u will sell ur mother to sully the character of a good man because he can motivate people to think for themselves against those who only want to use foreigners as election fodder to continue to rape our country and enrich themselves. Shame on u!

  3. After suffering decades of failed political leadership and failed political parties the atmosphere here is so cynical and disparaging that perhaps no political party or spokesman can be credible and have an honest agenda. How much detail can be given in a 10 minute presentation on a complex issue? If every attempt to rectify this country’s glaring ills is to be met with this kind of bad minded and unthinking response, well let everybody shut up and allow the currupt misleaders to lead us into hell with them!

  4. What’s wrong with a patty providing information on the policies it intends to pursue if elected? How else can the public relate to a party’s programme if spokespersons don’t take time to talk to the public? And was this the occasion to go into details about policy when they state clearly they are giving only highlights of party policy? What’s difficult to understand about enabling environment? It simply means the incentives and legislation etc to encourage investment and activity in some business or industry. Your problem is you are so wedded to backward leadership as soon as you see something new you panic and start to hurl insults. Your mean spiritedness is disgusting. You clearly don’t have your country at heart!

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