DNA leader lambasts Browne administration over provision of water


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  1. Blah blah blah, political grandstanding I call this.
    Miss Messiah happy New Year to you and your DNA party. I wish you well, let us not forget that the water woes started under the Baldwin Spencer’s government of which you were a sitting minister. You seem to forget that you and your UPP government failed this country miserably and the scars are still evident in our society.
    Your speeches are great but your actions have often left many unanswered questions.
    Good bye

    • Do you understand how this even works? The water problems were NEVER this bad under UPP and Ms. Massiah never served as a Minister with ANY control over that. Also, she nor the UPP ever promised to “fix it in 14 days”.

      Get a grip and hold these people accountable. You already voted UPP out, ABLP has been in power for almost 8 years.

      • “The water problems were NEVER this bad under UPP”? LOL. Absolutely laughable. It was worse!!! As a Minister under that administration she shared collective responsibility. Do you even understand how governments function and the collective responsibility of the Executive arm of government?

  2. Happy New Year Joanne. You are raising your head because election is near. Go back to bed , enjoy your snoaring. Please present your 16 Candidates. Let your Candidates know that They will lose Their deposits. DNA ( DESTRUCTIVE NATIONAL PARTY )

  3. Has she taken ivermectin as her booster. Now is the perfect opportunity for her to put her body where her mouth is/was!

  4. That’s right Jo! This ABLP Administration has failed miserably in proving the basic necessities for the people of Antigua and Barbuda and it is time for a change!

  5. This same leader pushed the CIP program under the UPP. While other UPP sentators were being punished Joanne moved and endoresed the CIP bill. She advocated a investment project (The Labahia Hotel Resorts and Condominiums), arguing they would definitely deliver, yet only grass grew after the gound breaking. This same project in 2016, where this DNA leader had shovel in hand at the groundbreaking, was a CIP project and though Joanne was a rep for the investers she now argues against CIP. Once there is money directly for her pocket, its good? If I was into dumbster diving, I Would take Lovell and his crew anyday vs her and her band of misfits. UPP would be more likely to seek professional help.

    • Tenman,what is growing up in Old Road. Where that man from Dubai was suppose to build that Grand Hotel. Would you like me to point to all of those fake and fictitious projects that your arse man Browne did say were going to happen. A way dee Sheikh garne with the Title Deed to lands at Morris Bay,Old Road. How much money did he pay into the Treasury of Antigua and Barbuda for such lands.Did I hear,00000,same as NOTHING.How did he out witted the Moustache One?

      • Can’t speak to the Sheikh(he holds no title to land here but shares in a public private joint venture) but can point to Barbuda (PLH), A&B ( getting investors to complete the Hodges bay club), Hammock Cove Resort and Spa, Royalton Resorts, Canada Place, WIOC expansion, Port expansion.. Clearly the GB admin has performed. Agreed some projects did not live up the investor promises, but the overall investment portfolio has performed. Now you can be true to your nature and focus on the minor failures or be honest with yourself and agree with the IMF, ECLAC etc that GB admin has drastically grown our economy. Five years in a row, under this admin, we were rated (ECLAC) as the fastest growing economy in the Caribbean and Latin American region. Clearly you are too bitter to appreciate such accolades

  6. She is suggesting that Gaston was drunk when he signed off on the Western Economic Zone, but I believe that he and his bunch of merry men are part of this zone. Why would he give away so much, even proceeds from the sale of our passports, if you are not part of the deal? I wouldn’t put anything pass this bunch of greedy corrupt people we have for a government. Antiguans are even paying for the infrastructure. Do these so-called investors have any money?


  8. Very good speech Madam, however, I am not feeling your party’s presence. It’s like you are not gaining any political grounds despite your efforts. Take this as constructive criticism.

  9. PETE please in 2022 I expect more constructive and educational comments from you, JUST SAYING, FROM THE SIDELINE, TENMAN and BEEF (when he shows up as REAL TALK).

      • OOOPS a comment will be considered constructive when it does not attack the messenger but focus on the message and bring a sensible critique of the message. It will also be considered constructive and educational when it brings some enlightenment to the readers and not just focus on nonsense.

        • These people forget that their comments are being read all over the world. Let them continue to show the world the mentality of some Antiguans.

  10. It doesn’t really matter how often the Water Manager comes to the radio and explains things to the public, they still would take cheap political shots at the government. The only thing that one should understand is the following. What was our water production in 2014 when the ABLP took over the government? What is the water production today while the ABLP is still in government?
    What was the demand for water in 2014 when the ABLP took over the government? What is the water demand today when they are still in government?
    The answers to these questions will tell you how they are performing.

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