DNA Denounces Opposition’s Assault on Col. Imhoff


The Democratic National Alliance (DNA) condemns and denounces in the strongest way the character assassination and personal attacks meted out to Chaneil Imhoff, DNA Team Leader for St. Peter, by opposition political hopeful, Algernon Watts, on Observer Radio’s Snake Pit Program on Thursday July 22, 2021.

The vile character assault, harassment and intimidation of a young female unleashed by Watts, who is co-owner in Observer Radio and also UPP candidate for the constituency of St. George, ought not be tolerated.

For someone who is aspiring to lead our country and who seeks the goodwill of ALL the people, this despicable conduct calls into question his character, his values and his ability to stand on behalf of women in our country. The question which must be asked is whether Watts can be trusted to safeguard, defend and uphold the Constitution of Antigua and Barbuda and the rights of ALL the people who he seeks to serve?

Watts’ repeated onslaught on Col. Imhoff is more so regrettable and inexcusable as he does so from his position of privilege on his radio program where his remarks go unchallenged. We ought to collectively call out Watts for his unacceptable behaviour and demand that he retracts his contemptuous statements and shameful conduct towards Col. Imhoff.

The progress and advancement of women in professional and political life globally is a remarkable achievement and a feat to be celebrated! In Antigua and Barbuda, women make up approximately 52% of our population yet comprise less than 15% of the elected members of parliament. Women have refrained from entering the political sphere, in large part, for exactly these reasons – the brutal character assassinations which sadly, have come to characterize our politics.

DNA President and Political Leader, Joanne Massiah, remarked, “the under-representation of women in politics and other sectors in our society is of great concern to me and must be redressed as a matter of urgency. Likewise, I am bothered by the fact that our youth have largely been marginalized by the other political parties… the DNA is committed to right-sizing these and other historical political wrongs.”

The DNA calls on the leadership of the UPP to condemn unequivocally the onslaught on our Colleague by Watts and to distance itself from his callous and reckless statements. Otherwise, the UPP will go down in the annals of history as a political party which pays only lip service to gender equity and parity as well as, the equal advancement of women in our society and particularly in the political sphere.

Young women under age 35 comprise approximately 25% of our population and they must be encouraged to aspire to lead at the highest levels. We commend our young female colleagues who have seized the challenge to join the DNA’s efforts to catalyze and deliver the transformation of Antigua and Barbuda as it is to their generation to whom the baton of leadership will be passed.

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  1. Maybe something else was said on the program that I did not hear but to me it sounds as if the D.N.A. is just politicking.

    As a matter of fact, I am of the belief that by ‘disassociating’ itself from Whenner, in this instance, the U.P.P. DID NOT do itself any favor(s).

    Also, in my opinion, this D.N.A. Press Release (if it is one) just further exposes their colleague.

    D.N.A., it’s not every dance you should try to jump up in.

    • Welcome to the Knight club, now why would someone from ALP use a Knight in Dull Armour. Hmmmm speaks volumes! Now on to this drama. DNA who them? So much bulls**t happening to the people of Antigua & Barbuda and this is what the dead DNA come out with. I am disappointed in Serpent and Wehner for going into Cemetery to raise the dead. So now this becomes a DNA / UPP war again, this must be orchestrated by the ALP Jumby. This young lady and her husband had a family fude on gossip corner Facebook and the leader of the DNA had nothing to say or distance her dead DNA from the nastiness that was poster but now she on the attack. Are you just give me one aspirin.

  2. Yawnnnnn! When’s cometh thou gahazi? It’s the first time I ever see an opposition party fighting against another opposition party, instead of the gangsters in government. I hear no such outrage when the maximum leader launch personal attack on Cleon, pearl and other women.

    • Cool Ruler is it not for the persons involved and the organization that they represent choice to defend or not defend?

      And if dont, how does it become the duty of another?

      Rational reasoning is a must

  3. This matter is now really becoming quite insipid and pointless. Is the DNA going to denounce Mr. Imhoff as well who in the first place brought his dirty bed linen into the public sphere? Please let us put this matter to rest and deal with the more serious issues affecting this country.

  4. We all know NDA/UPP all the same thing. This is a diversion tactic. It’s getting crazier and crazier every day. Watt raised some interesting concerns that must be addressed, with the truth and nothing but. If the lady can’t take the heat, she should get out of the kitchen. This is no play-play. Welcome to the world of politics. If she had skeletons on her closest, the people want them to be brought out and exposed, just as they do for any other canadate. Expose them all.

    • When you see a loser like serpant being selected to lead, it cannot get any worse!!! He is nit capable of leading anything!!

  5. I suppose (?) DNA people mean well, BUT please drop that dumb title of “Col.” from your names. Everybody is laughing at you. It seems most people are reminded of “Col. Kadefi” or “Col. Putin” of the Russian KGB. People are making a fool of you.

    You are always defending the UPP with Their STUPIDNESS. SERPENT and Others have no RESPECT for women. UPP WOMEN FORUM pick and choose who to defend. Bunch of HYPOCRITES UPP. With TABOR..UPP can do no wrong.

  7. PHILLIP G what am I defending in this Chaneil Imhoff matter? Mr. Imhoff an upset husband has put his marital problems on social media. George Wehner reposted Mr. Imhoff’s post. The distraught wife Mrs. Imhoff has escalated the matter even more with her social media interventions. George Wehner is an individual, he is not the UPP, so what the hell does the UPP have to do with this. Perhaps the UPP brought itself into focus by trying to distance itself from Wehner’s post. Again, this has nothing to do with the UPP. I would suggest to Mr. and Mrs. Imhoff that they deal with their marital problems in private and away from social media

  8. TO MR. Charles Tabor You asked the question what the UPP has to do with this,
    The UPP has everything to do with this because Mr. George Wehner speaks on behalf of the UPP. He is currently one of their candidates for the election ,and if the UPP happens to win a person like that will help the UPP Government craft policies that will affect women’s lives.
    So you can’t willy nilly separate him from the party or the party from him.
    The question I would like to ask , last week Dottie Isaac and Giselle Isaac were on Gaston Browne’s back WHERE ARE THEY NOW?
    As I said before the UPP only cares about women who support them all other women can drop dead in their view.
    This is an issue about a woman , why are you not speaking on her behalf?
    This is an issue about a woman, why are you not speaking on her behalf?
    Ms Quinn, and Shawn Nicholas why have the both of you gone silent on an issue concerning a woman. The terrorist is left to terrorize women who don’t support the UPP and the Serpent is left to spew his venom into women he doesn’t like.
    And Charles Tabor has the guts to ask what that has to do with the UPP? It has everything to do with the UPP because not one but two of their candidates are deeply involved.

  9. The picture of serpent (Watt) suits him well……..he is…a low life… this is what Harold Lovell has for decent people to vote for. How can Mr. Tabor defend this person…….they all are. Shame, Shame!

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