DNA Demands Immediate Roll Back of Fuel Increases


The Democratic National Alliance (DNA) is demanding that the Gaston Browne administration immediately roll back the sudden and unjustified increases in fuel prices which have caused further economic and financial shock across the country and untold increased hardships among many struggling middle class and poor families living below the poverty line.

On June 11th, 2022 PM Browne, on his ABLP aligned Pointe FM radio station, declared in his typical cavalier and insensitive manner that in less than 48 hours fuel prices would increase by 40% from March 2022 prices.

His statement has created further economic uncertainty at all levels of the society. Persons have been left completely bewildered given that oil prices on the international market have been trending downwards.

In fact, the price of oil today costs less than it did a mere 3 months ago!

DNA’s 2nd Vice President and shadow spokesperson on Finance, Anthony Stuart, stated, “PM Gaston Browne and the ABLP are practicing voodoo economics because when the fuel prices were first increased on March 15, 2022 by 25%, the cost of a barrel of crude oil on the world market was about USD$140.00; and now, on June 13th, 2022 a 40% increase is put on the backs of the people when the cost of a barrel of crude oil on the world market is USD$120.00. Stuart continued, “this fuel increase which is driven by the government’s policy to increase consumption tax will greatly compound the very high inflationary conditions in the country and may lead to hyperinflation causing the economy to fall apart leading to chaos and untold financial and economic hardship to all.”

Stuart is adamant that the 40% fuel increase was not necessary because the government of Antigua and Barbuda is the majority owner of WIOC.

Once again, Gaston Browne has demonstrated that he has no care or concern for the suffering and sacrifices made by the ordinary women, men and small business owners who continue to bear the brunt of the increases in the cost of living.

DNA President, Joanne Massiah, remarked that, “the impact of his decision is made worse when one considers that over the past 2 years, at the height of the pandemic, Gaston Browne refused to provide any meaningful relief to struggling families and business owners who were left to languish and fend for themselves.”

Given that the government is the majority share in WIOC – the monopoly importer and wholesaler of fuel and fuel products – the DNA does not accept there is any reason for this increase of fuel at this time. We call on Gaston Browne and the ABLP Administration to immediately roll back the price increase which has been unjustly imposed on the people!


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    • Joanne I thought much better of you. I didn’t realize that you are playing politics similar to Lovel with our national interest…. You know like we all do that the price of gas has increased globally……. No fault of any administration…… If you really want to show us that you have what it takes to be a leader, be real & play the right notes !!

      • @Bluddy Bloke: No one can tell you Gastonites ass kissers what to say and or do.So why are you telling her what she should say.Go and bury yourself in the manure of Labor.

  1. Oil prices are down BUT Antigua does not buy oil! We buy gasoline and diesel. You think the shippers going to ship it here for free or sell it for less?

    Instead encourage to people to start conserving and being kind to the environment. Be smart with travel. Be smart with your money. It’s happening everywhere in the world…EVERYWHERE and it will get worse.

    • The above comment is coming from a person in the KNOW. It appears they have inside info of the WEFs (The Great Reseters) plans for humanity. The thing is, these people that’s telling you to conserve and be mindful of the environment will not be practicing what they preach to you. For example, some of those elites travelled to Scotland for a climate change summit in their private jets (400 + private jets). Find out what they ate for lunch but they’re going to tell you that animals are bad for the environment and that you should eat bugs, worms and crickets etc.
      Yes, they are going to make sure it gets worst so that you won’t have a choice but to conserve while others will have to stop driving completely (gas too expensive) One World Order is exactly what they are working on implementing. The entire system is bankrupt and they cannot manipulate it any longer therefore, they are going to collapse the system as you know it to bring in the new dystopian nightmare in which you will be constantly surveilled, a social credit score system that rewards you for “good behaviour” like taking a vaccine and punishes you for “bad behavior” like refusing to be vaccinated; you have already seen how that played out with persons losing their jobs. It will be a cashless society and they will be able to turn your money off whenever they want to. Research the story of how China two days ago turned the digital passes RED of the citizens who wanted to protest not being able to get money from their banks – making them unable to move around freely. If you think that what’s happening in China will not be happening where you are, you’re not paying attention.The changes are going to occur little by little.

    • @RITA,that is the average price across 50 States. Where I am living,it is not close to that.The last time I checked California has the highest prices for Gasoline and Diesel in the USA.

  2. After this call what is the next move?

    You already know he will not roll back anything right?

    Come on DNA help help help what do we do sit around and wait for the next general elections?

    Take the government to court WIOC is a monopoly we have no choice but to pay what they ask……

  3. Lions aren’t bothered by the opinion of sheep. Joanne shut the fuck up. This is a UPP and ABLP place. You’re insignificant no fuck just like your waste party

    • UPP and ABLP had a chance both did not do well.

      Try something new DNA it is.

      Next time be polite




  4. Why was there never a fuel decrease when for 29 months oil was less than 40 dollars U S per barrel? And now we get a bump in barrel price and gas goes up 40 % how does that work oh finiacial wizard Gaston?

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