DNA defends candidate photographed with a gun


The Democratic National Alliance (DNA) today defended its St. Phillip’s South candidate, Karis Barton after images of him posing with a firearm appeared in social media.

The party said in a news release that the photograph was taken in a foreign country several years ago while Burton was on a vacation with friends.

“The passage of time and maturity has caused Colleague Barton to appreciate that a moment of adolescent posturing can convey a wrong impression and cause detractors to manipulate such a situation,” the statement said.

The photos were posted to Barton’s own Facebook page and shared by UPP candidate Chester Hughes over the weekend.

DNA says photo was taken many years ago

But the DNA said, “Barton knows all too well the irreparable harm which guns can inflict given the indescribable pain and suffering which he endured as a child when his father was brutally gunned down.”

“As an emerging leader, he is concerned about the escalating incidences of crime generally in our society and in particular, those involving the use of illegal firearms,” the DNA said.

It called the decision of Hughes to share the photos as “gutter politics.”



  1. How can sharing public information (i.e. anything you post on facebook) be referred to as ‘gutter politics’?

  2. If the shoe were on the other foot, Joanne and Anthony would all over this story. But “everybody monkey ah dem idol”

  3. Antigua News badly needs an editor or someone to simply proof read articles before they are posted. “Burton was on a vacation with friends” …. am just saying. You should make it know that it is not Michael Burton of UPP …..

  4. “Members of the opposition United Progressive Party have been asking questions about the photos and whether the weapon is legal and if Barton has a license for it. ”

    What is Lovell so scared of? This tells that he sees the DNA as a real threat to his wish of becoming PM. OR is it Chester Hughes that fraid blow from his newly unveiled opponent?

  5. What were the circumstances of the gunning down of his father? Was Barton carrying a gun in a shoe store? REALLY?!

  6. I would rather vote for him that that big fish,all them that in a them suit them a the ones we need to watch ….holding a gun is a crime all of a sudden. …..you can vote for him if u voted for the alp party,Robin ,gaston, bird,asot, u know them names u could go on and on

    • Then y was the ALP voted back into power in 2014
      I thought when they were voted out that was suppose to be the last of them
      U just full an chat

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