DNA Congratulates Prime Minister-Elect, Mia Amor Mottley on Historic Victory


The Democratic National Alliance (DNA) congratulates the Barbados Labour Party (BLP) and Prime Minister-Elect, Mia Amor Mottley, for another historic and unprecedented victory at the polls on January 19th, 2022.

The mandate given to the BLP is an affirmation of the type of governance and leadership style which Mottley brought to the country since 2018.

However, the DNA cautions that democracy is usually weakened when there is no Parliamentary opposition and encourages PM Mottley to continue to govern in the interest of all Barbadians.

DNA President, Joanne Massiah, opined, “since there is no Parliamentary opposition, it will be critical for PM Mottley to pay keen attention to the voices and opinions of those outside of the echo chamber of the Cabinet to ensure that in these challenging times, diverse views are allowed to contend as she makes critical social and economic decisions to advance the interests of the citizens and residents of the Republic of Barbados”

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  1. The Labour Parties always run things….. Things don’t run the Labour Parties.
    In Antigua, the ABLP won the General Elections in 2018.
    In 2019, the Dominica Labour Party won their elections.
    In 2022 Barbados Labour Party won their elections and
    its a must that in 2023 ABLP will repeat their feat again.

  2. Interesting that a center-ist party (DNA) would congratulate a left of center Labour Party (BLP), a party with deep roots for many years in the Socialist International. UPP is a right of center party and the only left of center party in Antigua is the ABLP. The red flag of Black Democratic Socialism flies proudly in these islands. Forward with Labour.

    • Political parties in the Caribbean and Antigua dont fit on the left right spectrum. Why would a centre left ABLP get rid of income tax? Political parties in Antigua juat do what is expedient.

      • ABLP – centre-left (Rooted in Black Democratic Socialism and Social Democracy) Currently the only centre-left party in Antigua, with some strong left wing tendencies)

        UPP – centre-right (Closely allied with Caribbean liberal and some self-described “conservative” parties in the Caribbean.) The ACLM element which consisted of far-leftists and Marxists has been pretty much overpowered, and has little influence in the party today.

        DNA – centrist party (A progressive-liberal party with conservatie tendencies.) Similar to UPP, but less progressive.

  3. UPP needs an INTROSPECTION. There is NO WAY that UPP can enter 2023 election with this current slate. Please UPP study the LAY of the LAND. All the Polls point towards a LANDSLIDE VICTORY win for ABLP . UPP it is not too late to DUMP these CANDIDATES and come again.

    • Well then, why is Gaston ‘fraid to call the election? At one time he felt so confident, he boasted that he will let Harold call it. Tell him to do that now nuh!

      • Bet if they do like last time the opposition will be crying again tht we need to have election dates set in stone. Parties should finish their term was the cry. Recall you guys crying, calling it unfair for a PM to be able to call a early election. Watch you now with false bravado. Get the vasseline ready

    • You are correct VIM. The UPP has gone from worse to “wussarah”. They have not done anything different to demonstrate that they are serious. Take a good look at the Teenage Pageant contestants they want the people to entrust their affairs to. Not to mention the “JAIL BUD” stench (Sherfield Bowen & Magic) emanating from the UPP. The team to redeem needs redeeming. Never again will the people fall for the lies peddled by the “sunshine government” that skarl arf dem kin. “Leadership matters” showed that the people rejected the “Leadership” of the UPP. The people didn’t buy the “delivering hope” bullshit 🙄

      • The real problem in the UPP/PLM is the current leadership, but that will change totally after the next election. New faces will be at the helm, and there will be an ideological shift. Keep your eyes on C. Taylor.

      • Zackie, why call and election now? They should complete their term, then call election. ABLP obviously is the winner again. Gaston will likely take every seat, just like Barbados. There really is no opposition.

      • @ZACKIE

        LANDSLIDE victory for ABLP IN 2023. Election will be called in 2023. UPP will be burnt out by then. After 2023 UPP will be no more.

        • Hey Gord. One thing for sure is the UPP will have to reinvent itself with a totally new leader at the helm. Heads will fall after the election.

  4. @ ZACKIE
    Hope after the election 2023 you WOULDN’T go into hiding.

    ZACKIE..Why UPP Candidate don’t like paying rent…example ALISTER THOMAS..He would be evicted soon.

    UPP BOUNCED cheques writers..UPP Candidate

    UPP CRIMINALS and IAN ( MAGIC ) HUGHES convicted child molester

    UPP MURDERERS ..Candidate in St.PHILLIPS South

    JACKIE ..Please do an INTROSPECTION into UPP .

  5. If there is a “convicted child molester” in their midst he/she needs to be kicked out of the party and shunned by the entire society. Why is he/she not in detention somewhere? If this is true, hide your children.

    • CONVICTED PEDOPHILE IAN MAGIC HUGHES a.k.a. The Young Gal Bubby Grabber

      Sick Sick unremorseful UPP Frontman and spokesperson

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