DNA Candidate’s Campaign Vehicle Damaged

DNA candidate for Rural East Vincent "Vere" Cornelius

The Democratic National Alliance (DNA) today condemned the “malicious damage” of a
campaign vehicle belonging to one of its candidates.

The party said in a statement that the vehicle of St. John s Rural East candidate  Vere Cornelius was vandalised overnight.

He observed that a missile had been thrown into the windscreen which caused the glass to shatter and crack in all directions thereby rendering it temporarily inoperable.

“We totally condemn and repudiate any and all acts of violence, intimidation, victimization and fear which have, in recent times, begun to characterize our politics,” the DNA said.

“We call upon ALL political operatives and their supporters to cease and desist from resorting to violence in the campaign,” it added.

The statement called the act “dastardly and cowardly” and said it demonstrates that the DNA is a serious contender to win the election.




  1. Vere please go rest yourself. You’re gonna lose your deposit. Why even fool yourself. I respect you alot back then Vere however not anymore. You’re a humble man that’s well educated and allow Cynthia Joanne and Stewart to convince u to defect.

    Some of them in DNA that have them brother terrorising the country that got endless help from UPP and then turn them back on the same party that fed them is so ungrateful

  2. UPP getting scared that DNA will take some of their votes. Same way that Joanne took some of their members to form her own party.

  3. I’m not suprised by this.
    Ive had cars driving up and down road waving red flags and honking their horns. Not sure what they trying to achieve, wake the babies, show that ABLP supporters are assholes? Combined with the derogatory radio advertising, seems that theres no rules for politcal parties

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