DNA appoints spokespersons on various national issues


On the cusp of its first anniversary tomorrow the new Democratic National Alliance has appointed a list of spokespersons on various areas of national interest.

“We remind the public that the DNA is committed to running a lean, efficient and streamlined government and therefore, the Portfolios listed do not represent the number of Ministries which would comprise our Administration,” the party said in a statement.

  1. Joanne Massiah – Health and Wellness; Education, Legal Affairs, National Security, Barbuda Affairs and Immigration, Public Works and Local Transportation
  2. Anthony Stuart – Finance, Economic Development and Corporate Governance
  3. Bruce Goodwin – Utilities and the Environment, Foreign Affairs, Trade, Investment and Manufacturing
  4. Erica Edwards – Social Transformation and Gender Affairs
  5. Louis Rivera – Telecommunication, Information, Broadcasting and Science
  6. Gatesworth James – Civil Aviation, Marine Transportation and Ports
  7. Kimberly Grant – Tourism, Culture and the Arts
  8. Leon Smith – Lands, Urban Development and Housing
  9. Vere Cornelius – Sports and Youth Affairs
  10. Kelton Dalso – Public Services, Human Resource Development and Labour
  11. Gameal Joyce – Agriculture and Fisheries

After its crushing defeat in the March 21 general election, the DNA is pledging, “to always keep the government s feet to the proverbial fire, ensure that they deliver on their promises to the People and hold them accountable for their actions!”



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