DNA Announces Date for First Congress and Proposes Plans for New Economy


On Thursday April 15, the Democratic National Alliance (DNA) put the country on notice that it is a formidable political Party that has been organizing and recruiting and will have its Congress to institutionalize the Party on June 27th 2021.

On the eve of the 4th anniversary of its launch, the DNA held its first Virtual Public Forum which was streamed LIVE on Facebook and Twitter, pronouncing that the Forum was the beginning of a series of public engagements that will be executed by the Party over the next few months.

Caribbean son, Scientist and Educator living in the Diaspora, Mr. Dillon Patterson, the featured speaker at the Forum presented on the importance of data in guiding and formulating public health policy.

His discourse provided the context for the Party’s repeated assertions regarding the Gaston Browne Administration’s inability to manage complex national problems and its failure to use data in decision making.

In his presentation, Mr. Patterson underscored the importance for the public to ask questions highlighting that “data is not politics” and opined that planning and a robust public education program  would have been beneficial in building trust with the people at the beginning of the pandemic.

But it was the DNA’s discussion on a the “key imperatives for a new economy and new society” advanced by three of the Party’s Founders which gave a categorical condemnation of the Government’s failure to reap the opportunities provided by COVID-19 to “redevelop, restructure and re-engineer” the Antiguan and Barbudan economy which stirred the audience’s excitement.

The Party’s Leader and former Member of Parliament for All Saints East and St. Luke, Joanne Massiah, former Ambassador, Bruce Goodwin, and former Senator, Malaka Parker detailed the DNA’s vision for a robust and sustainable economy in a post pandemic world.

Plans to reskill, retrain and retool public sector employees and to create an enabling environment for Small and Medium Enterprises and startups to thrive as well as, the urgent need to diversify the economy and to redesign a purpose driven education system which addresses digitization and upskilling of education professionals were tabled as key considerations for the Economy of tomorrow. The analysis also offered snippets of the DNA’s Vision 2040 to diversify an ailing tourism sector.

In addition to its Congress, Ms. Massiah also announced the imminent launch of the DNA Newsletter.

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  1. Ms.Messiah this sounds very good. I believe that the DNA will a FORCE to reckon with in this election 2023. CONGRATULATIONS.

  2. This will be a much better ROLL OUT than the UPP. Just waiting for DNA to announce Their CANDIDATES for 2023. I know DNA Candidates will far much better than UPP.

  3. DNA…Stay the course. Don’t join with BADMINDED LOVELL and UPP. DNA could be the OFFICIAL OPPOSITION. Don’t get into Trivia as UPP….Accusing the Prime Minister of asking for YOUNG PRETTY Vincentians Women to Antigua. Stick to the issues. UPP DONE…FINISHED……DEAD.

    • ALP not winning one single seat!! Pringle just lowe the young girls, stop your nuffness and you will be fine next election. Remember you need to help some peoole in your community

  4. DNA I am on board.

    It took some time but getting it right will be worth it.

    1 How will the country dispose of all the petrol vehicles and a reasonable time frame to get it done?

    2 Renewable energy as the primary source of energy for the country?

    3 Development of a robust manufacturing industry to support the population.

    4 Diversify and revamp the health care system through a robust preventative initiative. Focusing on import standards for goods.

    5 Sports and Education concept must be revisited.

    6 introduce a national retirement age to 50. This will allow for fresh ideas and opportunity for the youth at the same time at the same time allowing a better quality of life.

    Brand new thinking……

  5. I tuned into the Forum and I was so impressed. I had coubted out the DNA but I am starting to rethink that. The level of long term planning that was outlined was commendable and it is that sort of forward thinking that is needed for a new economy.

    The guest speaker was a nice touch. It gave a techocrats perspective and left put the politics.
    Amb. Goodwin was on point but the ladies stole the show. Joanne and Malaka delivered excellent responses and showed that they are not to he messed with. Even the moderator, Imhoff, was really good and very articulate.

    These are the people that should be representing us. UPP is going to regret the day they ran these people from their Party when THEY are in the bottom of the dustbin of History.

    I am proud of you, Joanne amd DNA. Keep this up and you will succeed.

  6. It’s very possible they could become the official opposition with 2 or 3 seats. UPP will be totally wiped out. Lovell with finally be retired and the party can rebuild under new leadership.

  7. Yawnnnn! The treasury will bet a little change, when they all lose their deposit including the leader. 😆

  8. DNA VIRTUAL CONFERENCE was talking Policies and letting Antiguans know Their plans for the future. Unlike the UPP whose VIRTUAL CONFERENCE was about CUSSING Gaston Browne and lack Ideas going forward.
    The DNA I believe will pickup a seat or Two UPP ZERO SEAT.DNA will be the official OPPOSITION 2023.

  9. OK, DNA. time to show the politics. What did you say? You have a lot of fancy words and policy plans, but no political party? And wey the others?
    It look like you hoping dat because ALP nuh like UPP da would carry you over the hump to opposition-hood. Don’t know if other people notice that the ALP not saying anything too bad about you. Look like both of you joining up on UPP. We go find out all ah dis soon.
    Antigua have too much ah drama for me.

    • Can you read? It’s literally written right there.
      Also, not everybody who doesn’t back the UPP is in cahoots with the ABLP. Y’all sound so dunce sometimes on here.

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