Dixie Call Center places all staff on temporary layoff to await final decision on closure


Approximately 200 workers of Dixie Call Center trading as “Cassava Enterprises” on Old Parham Road may soon be out of a job.

The company held a zoom meeting with staff which ended moments ago to break the bad news to them.

A staff member told Antigua Newsroom that the company informed them of the decision to close until April 14th, 2021, following which a final decision will be made on the closure.

Staff will not be at work for that one week period.

Coming out of the meeting, staff say the reason for the closure is still unclear.

Officials reportedly did not entertain questions on severance but advised staff who find other jobs in the meantime to take it.

More to come.



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  1. Wow not a good time for this to happen. lets hope in the coming week the matter will be worked out in the best interest of the workers.

    • @. You are a jack ass. Wallowing in the demise of 200 Nationals and Residences of Antigua and Barbuda.This matter is not a Political one.This is about financial survival for those persons working for a living. Not depending on hand outs from Politicians.I do hope the final outcome is a positive one.

  2. People ,let us be more responsible in what we write . Why should any body glad that people going to be out of work. This is a problem all over the .world.. To say UPP or any one else tail is going to be up ,is pure rubbish .


    • Story is accurate. Why should they be ashamed? All staff are temporarily laid off for a week pending a confirmation of the final decision next week which seems to be predetermined. Ball is probably in gaston’s court now for counter offers and subsidies in the coming week.

      • Why would the ball be in Gaston’s court? The country is broke as Gaston already told you all. He has said the government has to fight to pay government salaries, he’s trying to save LIAT, LIAT workers can’t get their money, the government owes HMB and now is supposed to be superman for this company? Antigua operates like a communist country where people want the government to intervene in everything. It’s unfortunate so many people’s jobs are on the line especially when it’d be difficult to find jobs elsewhere but I don’t see this as something for Gaston to intervene in.

  4. This is not good for both the employees and the economy. Lord Jesus Christ please help us here in Antigua and Barbuda.

  5. Antigua is a very expensive country to operate a business in. The overhead costs alone will kill your business. Check all the other Caribbean Islands that have international businesses operating on their islands compare to Antigua and Barbuda. Some of these Caribbean Islands have factories, called centres, etc… You may say that the minimum wage is low compares to Antigua and Barbuda, but their overhead costs are much cheaper than Antigua. If I was an investor, I would look for a cheap island/country to operates in. Try put yourself in these investors shoes. I am sorry for the staffs and the economy if Dexie decided to permanently closed operations. .

  6. Sad state of affairs. What is more troubling is the fact that the company doesn’t want to discuss severance. The precedent has been set with the whole law to allow Liat to shaft its workers. What will the government say if this company decides to do the same??

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