Distraught parent says school failed to notify her daughter had been hit on the head with iron


An outraged parent says her daughter was hit on the head at school, but the school failed to notify her.

The parent said the school also failed to take the 10-year-old child for medical attention.

According to the parent, she learned about the incident when the child returned home and complained that she was having a headache. The parent examined the little girl’s head and found it was bleeding.

When the parent reached out to the principal of the primary school to find out what happened, the principal replied: “Good afternoon Ma’am, the report that I received indicated that a small child accidentally hit her with a piece of metal. The wound [was cleaned] and ointment applied.”

The distraught parent pressed the principal to find out why the child was not taken to the doctor but the principal said she would call the parent from the school on Tuesday.

The principal has apologized to the parent for “any upset this has caused.”

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  1. These school administratos need to be held accountable.
    “I’ll call you tomorrow” is not acceptable.
    How many times you go to the school for a meeting, or pick up report, wait for hours, only to be told they not ready.
    Principals are supposed to be in charge and organise their teachers and guide their pupils. If the children’s authority figures are so lax and inept, what are they learning?

  2. One thing about Antigua is, it is a very callous country. Everyone does what they want and there is no accountability. From the top of the food chain, meaning leadership, go all the way down.

    No one speaks up and the court system is a joke so there is no sense in suing anyone.

    West Indians love to say all Americans do is sue! But such actions and the liberty to justice protects the rights of the citizens. Americans think twice before they do anything because they know they will get sued.

    Antiguans can do what they want BecUse .. WHAT !?! What will happen!!! ?? Absolutely nothing … it will make the papers, then there will be a response, then nothing will be heard of it again!

    So hence the reason people do what they want.

    In which lifetime can a child get hit in the head with a piece of iron and the school, the principal .. say oh they WERE GOING TO call the mother and oh sorry …

    What if that woman’s child went home and went to sleep and had bleeding on the brain. Jesus lord!
    If that is a public school/ government school, the government, the country should be sued and the parents awarded compensation and punitive damages.

    Punitive meaning an amount that will punish the school and government so that the other schools will stand up and take notice and get their act together.

    If it’s a private school, same thing.

    And the government should in turn put the principal on leave or they should be fired.

    When you go into any professional involving the care of children, when parents trust you with their children for an entire day, you have a higher calling and cannot be negligent.
    Yes things happen but the child’s parents should have been immediately notified that there was an incident in the school and given the choice as to if they wanted the child to seek professional medical attention at no cost to them.

    But NOTHING WILL BECOME OF THIS because as I stated in my first sentence, One thing about Antigua is it is a very callous country everyone does what they want and there is no accountability.

    • I agree with you. I keep saying that people do the things they do because there is no accountability and that needs to stop. It is a joke and makes us look inferior

    • @James P…👊🏾👏🏾 the saddest part, about your thoughts is, the youths and children have already developed this mindset and think it’s the norm. Then again, it’s the norm.

  3. In all of these issues the teacher’s union seem to be very silence. I guess it is not politically expedient to so do.

  4. Educators always know this and never…..never…….never…..forget this:
    “Nobody cares how much you know, until they know how much you care”.

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