Disruption in LIAT’s schedule appears to foreshadow carrier’s demise, as residents say PM Browne lacks capacity to revive it


(REAL News) — The far-reaching disruption in LIAT’s schedule is being seen by some observers as the proverbial “nail in the coffin,” which could end the airline’s planned transition to LIAT 2020. And, according to some residents, it might also spell the last term of Prime Minister Gaston Browne, given the close results of the last General Elections.

On Tuesday, November 7, the airline announced that unscheduled maintenance challenges “have caused LIAT to suspend its current schedule… .”

However, it went on to say that, due to logistical and supply-chain issues, it does not have a concrete deadline for the return to its regular schedule; thus, several flights in the coming weeks have been cancelled.

According to the airline, it is currently exploring all available options to assist passengers and its Reservations Call Centre is contacting them to assist with their travel needs.

According to some persons, with an increase in regional travel; increased tourism arrivals into Antigua and Barbuda and the Caribbean; and cruise-ship home-porting, LIAT simply does not have
the capacity required at this time.

It was noted that the Caribbean needs a proper, well-managed, well scheduled airline service, and it does not appear that the Gaston Browne Administration can handle the full resuscitation of LIAT on its own.

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Questions are also being raised about the proposed deal with the Nigerian airline Air Peace, which is expected to become the major shareholder and take over the affairs of the regional carrier.

Other persons are asking why PM Browne and his administration do not stop wasting taxpayers’ money since LIAT is all but dead.

One man commented that, just like it wasted money trying to beat United Progressive Party candidate Kelvin “Shugy” Simon during the recent by-election in St. Mary’s South – and failed – the
Administration seems destined for the same outcome with LIAT.


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  1. I own more cars than LIAT own planes.I could not believed LIAT as an Airline has one plane.And they call that an AIRLINE? That is so unprofessional for any company to short service their customers.What would have happened if one or more passengers had an appointment to get a VISA in Barbados? Only to find out,no aircraft existed in LIAT to bring them there and back.After they would have purchased the tickets.Gaston Browne get your crap together. You talk a good game.However,the results from those games you have been shutout.

  2. We all know the Gaston Browne administration was dead the last election, but like many have suggested, that if it wasn’t for repositioning of some votes, the ALBP would have lost the election. So the writing has been on the wall way before the election, not because people are tired of them, but also the fact they themselves lack the honesty to properly run a good government, so they were forced to lie and lie to the people with all these broken promises.

  3. My goodness, can’t this Prime Minister get anything off the ground (and yes, pun definitely intended).

    His position becomes more and more UNTENABLE every single day. Again Antiguans deserves so much better. Isn’t there anyone in the ABLP who can step up to the leadership platform and take the helm?


    At a push, maybe Chet Greene.

    Nahhhhh, again maybe not, because he encouraged his own constituents to take the Covid-19 vaccines (including the highly dangerous and now banned AstraZeneca), way back in August 2021.


  4. This Gaston Browne led ALP is the epitome of incompetence. The man is just a dunce. No two ways about it. The country should be flourishing considering the monies he, as finance minister has collected, but the derelict, non-functional government is a reflection of the leader. And he continues to borrow, borrow, borrow on the backs of taxpayers. This scourge has to be stopped, for the sake of our already inauspicious future.

  5. I know someone who firmly believes that Gaston is the top financial expert in Antigua. No actual evidence is offered to support this notion. He supposedly studied finance overseas and has a string of academic credentials. I need to see some proof before I believe that.
    Apparently a lot of people have somehow been convinced that Browne and the ABLP are the only party that has the necessary financial expertise to run this country. This is clearly nonsense. How many millions of taxpayer dollars has Browne squandered in his futile efforts to resuscitate LIAT? I predicted at the outset that LIAT 2.0 would never succeed. That money could have been used to compensate the redundant LIAT workers! Meanwhile, countless government workers are waiting and waiting for their pay packets to be filled.
    UPP needs to step up to the plate and come on air with a convincing demonstration of their financial acumen to counter the ABLP disinformation. Then share their vision of the future of Antigua with SPECIFIC examples of how they will bring us all from 1735 into the 21st century.

  6. Anyone else remember a couple of years ago, a retired CEO of Ryan Air, a hugely successful short-haul European airline being brought here to advise on the reorganization and restructuring of LIAT?

    He quit when his advice and recommendations were summarily disregarded and dismissed by the Government.

  7. Latest news is hitler moustache send a team to Barbados to beg for help with airlines. After Antigua government curse Barbados over Liat why should the Bajans pay attention to the charlie chaplain lil dictator buffoon. Barbados GDP is at least five times that of Antigua. Liat is dead.

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