Disgraced former British police officer appeals jail sentence for rape


Former British police officer, serving a 15-year jail term for raping a young woman while he was vacationing in Antigua four years ago, has filed an appeal against his conviction.

The media reported Friday that the lawyer for Lee Martin-Cramp filed the appeal earlier this week, citing a number of grounds.

It said that in the appeal, the disgraced former police officer, who was found guilty two months ago for raping the American woman who was also a visitor to Antigua, is challenging the conviction and the sentence.

Martin-Cramp, who was dismissed from the UK Metropolitan Police Force, is being held at the former US Naval Base in keeping with the agreement between the local and UK authorities that he would not be imprisoned at the state penitentiary.

Justice Iain Morley while sentencing Martin-Cramp noted that he was an officer who took an oath to protect and serve but he broke that oath and violated the woman.

He said a further aggravating factor was that the officer spiked the woman’s drink as soon as she turned her back while they were preparing to watch a movie at her apartment.

The High Court was told during the trial two months ago that in May 2015, the two met through a dating app, Tinder, and while he was on a holiday here they went out to a bar before going on a date.

She said after taking some more sips of the wine, she became dizzy and it as then that Martin-Cramp forced himself on her even though she had resisted.

She said she woke up bruised and in pain.

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  1. This lady invited this guy back to HER apartment. In addition, they went on a date at a BAR before going back to HER apartment (based on her invitation/suggestion). Something could have been placed into her drink easily by somebody else at the bar, or she could have reacted negatively (alcohol allergy) to the drinks she had at the sketchy bar, and this is behavior we expect from a ‘virgin’. Give me a break.

    Something in her story is extremely fishy and I do not believe her. Oh, and she also made a big public splash about her experienced in a CNN story where she revealed her identity, etc. after this young man was convicted in a court of law. Why did she seek such publicity suddenly?

    What kind of woman meets a guy on TINDER (an app for hooking up), goes on a date to a BAR, and then invites the guy back to HER apartment? I mean seriously everybody, come on…doesn’t this strike anybody as being totally weird? Then she accuses him of rape (she does that only after texting him the next morning).

    I’m sorry, but my sympathy for this lady is 0, zero, 0. To send a guy away to jail for 15 years on a story this fishy is unjust. The court will need to seriously consider his appeal, because her story doesn’t make sense.

    • Seriously…@she invited…your blame the victim approach is despicable. It doesn’t matter how they met, where they went or that she invited him to her apartment. He drugged her and raped her! This took away her freedom of choice and consent. Those are grounds he was tried on and found guity of being a rapist.

      She should be applauded for going public and telling her story. That’s how she will heal from that traumatic experience and possibly help others. Your opinion is yours, but it’s void of human compassion and common sense.

    • It doesn’t matter how ‘fishy’ you think her story is, a jury and court of law found him guilty.

      I think it would be useful for you to learn the definition of consentual sex.

      Going on a date/Inviting someone into your home, or even kissing or ‘whatever’, stops being consentual once someone (man or woman) says NO, or is drugged to the point of not being able to consent to the activity.

      Imagine if this was your daughter/sister or mother!

      It’s ignorant opinions like this, that have the grown men in this country thinking that they can rape women or groom minors for underage sexual activity!

    • So I guess wearing a short skirt is asking to be raped as well?? Oh going to a bar in a mini skirt, see thru top is grounds for one to be rape???
      I guess women on a beach in a g- string taking a drink from a guy she met on line, is grounds for her to be rape? I guess asking that same man to her room to change or even continue the conversation privately is grounds for him to rape her?? What about the women who are been raped while been robbed??? JUST ASKING !! PLEASE ADVICE and please define “rape”!!!!

      • False allegations are made against men all the time, and sometimes false allegations are made against women too. In this case, so much of the evidence points to this woman seducing him to her apartment for a wild night of fun and the next morning she had regrets. A woman having ‘morning after regret’ does not equate to rape.

  2. They should put a few of Antigua’s hardened criminals in that comfortable cell with him! I’m sure *they’d be happy to leave 1735 for a few days.

  3. This is all about misplaced entitlement and superiority. He was tried convicted and should serve the sentence. He raped and drugged the woman, so it was not consensual. Appealing is his right, but he has no evidence that the government did not give him a fair trial and accommodation. He has to serve his time, and be an example to others that when you commit crime in Antigua you will be extradited, tried and sentenced.

    • @Adjunct Professor , right on point! Thank you! We as men need to stop making excuses for such actions and abuse against women. We have mothers , daughters. sisters and the list goes on.
      Its a amazing how the victim always seems to get the blame for been raped!! No one asked to be raped.. If it is not given, then don’t take it. NO IS NO !!! Getting a person drunk so they CAN NOT consent is still taking it without permission.

      • Many women make false allegations against men each year and many men around the world are sent to prison based on false allegations made by women. Also, many women commit sexual offenses against men and also commit domestic violence against men too.

        When are the women in Antigua going to stand up against women who make false allegations against men?

  4. This POS is a disgrace to his profession. Surely he wouldn’t want such a thing to happen to his MOTHER, SISTER, AUNT & GRANDMA.

  5. There is a church camp (Sharon Gospel Hour) scheduled for the former base for all of next week. Do these people have anything to fear with a rapist being “held” on site??? There will be delegates for several Caribbean countries.

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