Director of Education Clare Browne says unvaccinated students still have access to education


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  1. Franz just always a BEG, BEG, BEG.

    His fully vaccinated children are tucked away in Biden country. He himself is vaccinated but encouraging others who have no exemption to not get vaccinated. watta HYPOCRITE!!!!

      • @ Just Saying me a fan of you 😂🤣😆 you’re a bigger fool than I even thought.
        You have no life but on ANR which is as close as a friend you have
        One article you answer individuals 3 times give you the mike all day you still make no sense .Try having a wife , girlfriend or boyfriend or whatever rocks your boat
        That wouldn’t work cause plenty of you love girls that can be your kids

  2. All that I just heard is nothing but excuses and a lack of obvious political will…

    In the middle of a pandemic when the PM claim say money tight – the government and ministry of education found the will and resources to recruit a myriad of substitute teachers when they realized they couldn’t bully the same teachers who were on the front line heros since the pandemic started last year… this is even after yearsss of complaints of insufficient support (lack of materials, lack of teachers etc in the public education system)

    So we established it was never about the money since prior to the pandemic we were in good timesss according to the government… Now its obvious that reasoning gone out the door as the the government is willfully denying our children access to face to face learning in the classroom – when the same students intermingle with each other back in their communities and pan the road everyday — why??? all because people don’t see the point of taking a drug that has shown to not only wear off… but doesn’t stop you from getting infected, spreading the virus or even dying from it.

    Our children and people deserve better than excuses and discrimination!!!

    • Our children deserve parents who will make their education a priority!!!! Hours spent standing in the hot sun tolerating shouts from Ian ‘Magic’ Hughes instead of being in the class is a poor parental decision 💩💩💩

  3. I’d just like to say for myself and some of my other classmates, online learning isn’t as effective. It’s actually torture in all honesty. Remote learning is H O R R I B L E.

    • That’s why you belong in the classroom with the other students. Unless you have a legit medical reason, then go get vaccinated.

    • I guess you or your peers don’t intend to co university or college cause at least 35% percent of your class is online. we need to stop baby this generation, this is why they have an entitled mentality. If the sheriff say that unvaccinated kids can still get an education all you all can shut the hell up and lay down beside it.

  4. Franzt has never ever said he is against been vaccinated. He always said ,he is against mandatory vaccination and that shouldn’t be use to stop our children from getting an education . People need to speak the truth ,whether you support him or not ,the truth should always be the right thing to say .

  5. What makes this joker franz an authority on anything for anyone to listen to him? The man thinking is as shallow as they come. Listen to him on any day and you would be surprised at the simple gaffes he makes.

  6. @ 5 th form student LOL 😂😆 ESPECIALLY WHEN YOU’RE IN YOUR 50’s and pretending to be in 5 th 🤦🤦 but we get the point though.

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