Director Of Culture Vaughn Walter Dies


Director of Culture Vaughn Walter has died, multiple reports indicate.

He passed away moments ago in hospital. The cause of death is not known.

In August, Walter said he would retire from the civil service in 2021.

Walter has spent the past 20 years, while working under three different administrations in the cultural arena.

From 1999 he served as the Coordinator of Carnival and subsequently the Chairman of Carnival. He was then made Director of Culture in 2009 and serves in that post to present.



  1. I am very much shaken up, and very much saddened that that “Vagabond” has left us. I am very much shocked actually. But, I can’t help referring to him fondly as that “Vagabond”.

  2. Condolences to the family. It is a road the majority of mankind on Earth must travel, but sudden deaths are harder to deal with.

    “It is appointed unto man once to die then after this the judgement.” [Hebrews 9:27]

    “God shall wipe every tear from their eyes….no more death, sorrow or pain. For the former things are passed away” [Revelation 21:4]

  3. shocked speechless …

    Anyonewho knew Vaughn know he such a jokker kidder will say ANTHING to make you laugh….wowww

    Condolences to his IMMEDIATE FAMILY …..for i know the plans that i have for you sayeth the lord thy GOD….


    No doubt a family is left ‘…Grief-Stricken,’ while ‘…Sadness Descends’ upon a nation and people.

    His life and time that most certainly, would be eulogized ‘…sentimentally and hypocritically,’ would have no impact on a man who had given so much of his time with little or no appreciation.

    From a different perspective, for a anyone, as has, undoubtedly, been the case of ‘…Vaughn Walter’ who has worked tirelessly and selflessly for the development and good of the nation’s culture, there should always be ‘…enjoyable retirement moments.’

    Many have been led to believe that humans are living longer.

    This might be true, but it is irrefutable that many are ‘…suffering longer; …dying younger and faster.’

    Now that the ‘…mandatory age of retirement’ is expected to progressively jump from ‘…60 to 65 years,’ seems like many in the civil service may not now witness any ‘…fanfare or send-offs or hear a drum beat,’ before the bell rings.

    The nation and people ‘…mourns the loss of a cultural icon.’

    Rest in Peace Vaugh.

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