Digicel seeks urgent meeting with PM after “inaccurate and inappropriate” statements

Digicel Country Manager Tullock

Digicel has released a statement in response to allegations by Prime Minister Gaston Browne that it and competitor Flow have been “raping” the country.

Below is the full statement:

Digicel notes with consternation the statements made today in the press by the Prime Minister of Antigua and Barbuda with regard to its commercial practices; statements which were both inaccurate and inappropriate.

With serious issues around the liberalization of the fixed line market and number portability to name but two – this is just the latest in a series of moves being made to stifle competition in the telecoms market in Antigua and Barbuda for the benefit of the state-owned APUA.

As champions of competition in the telecoms market across the Caribbean – and as a company which prides itself on its commitments to its customers and to contributing positively to its communities – Digicel will be seeking an urgent meeting with the Prime Minister to address these issues and chart a positive way forward for all parties and for the benefit of the people of Antigua and Barbuda.

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    • And do you have evidence of the rape? You guys are like a bunch of follow after me. Give me a break. Gaston said it so it must be true. Just like the countless “true” statements and proclamations he has made in the past.

      • You must not be a Digicel customer. What do you call paying every month for a service and not even getting half what you paying for?

      • What nonsense are you talking? Digicel charges $300 for a phone package that includes LTE data that is constantly on EDGE, sometimes on 3G and hardly ever on LTE. They do not provide what they advertise and the citizens of the country have a right to be livid about it. Either you aren’t a Digicel customer or you must work for them. While everything he says may not be true and shouldn’t be made credible just because you’re a supporter, just like any other human being, everything he says shouldn’t be discredited because you’re not a supporter. Why should any company be charging above regional market rates and then not be expected to deliver the speeds and service they advertise? There isn’t even a local number you can call, for that matter all you get now is an automated system when you call with no option to speak to an agent, unless you use an online chat.

      • Boss I for one made the mistake of using their service and learned the hard way it does not provide value for money. Fake 4G since it was always on Edge. Waste of time calling customer service since if you did get connected (calls would most time disconnect)you got transferred to Jamaica to someone who was of no help. As soon as APUA offered 4G, I quickly made the move and can say now I am finally getting value for money.

  1. The only inaccurate and inappropriate statements being made are those being made by Digicell.

    PM Browne is right! Thanks for standing up for Antigua!

  2. digicel is full os shit your slow internet should not even cost more than $50ec a month…streaming so slow for that $160/month is a rip off

  3. Digicel and Flow have not delivered value for money for the OECS region. Though A&B telecoms market unlike the other ECTEL countries is not liberalized, its ranking (see https://www.cable.co.uk/broadband/speed/worldwide-speed-league/) as far as average download speeds is higher than most of the other OECS islands. It also offers a lower cost per megabit than practically all other OECS island. The leader in the download speed area is SKN (average 6 mbps)and its success has to do with the fact that like &B it owns the local telco (SKANTEL). Without APUA, A&B would probably be worst than the other OECS islands. If our download speed excluded FLOW and Digicel clients, our average download would be much higher

  4. People spending more than what they bargain for with flow and digicel when there data you pay for a month runs out in two weeks then additional charges if you want to stay with internet is a rip off. If they cant give unlimited data for that type of money and more a month compared with inet they are just killing us. The only reason most people have not gave up on the two network is because of having a certain number for years in which they dont want to change and also inet is known for taking toooo long for internet installation but trust would have no regrets if they desire to leave. Who else can do something about it? If not our prime minister @Dunlop Jones

    • That’s a fact because I was one of which didn’t want to give up my number but I eventually did and got rid of thieving digital.

  5. They ripping us off big time with giving us internet that runs out and goes to a crawl when you use it ip lol like it is gas …..paying over 200 a month it should remain at full speed looking to change this provider

  6. Digicel a wan BIG RIP-OFF!! Overcharge for Internet and not to mention their shitty customer service (both in-store and via telephone). You are milking the people dry. Mr. Tulloch needs to put down the cigarettes.

  7. Digicel instead you meet with pm to talk about inaccurate statement, fix your slow and crawling internet and your lousy customer service. The pm isn’t paving way for imobile, your customers are. We are tired of your sloppy service. Imobile doing it now. I personally can’t wait for number portability to say goodbye to your crappy service.

  8. I agree with everything all the commenters posted. Digicel and FLOW are ripoff artists. Can’t believe the Government let it go on for sooooo looooooong!

  9. I was hoping to see a public rebuttal with the evidence that the World Boss is wrong, not to hear that they want a close door meeting. This is long over due Leadership really matters

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