Digicel Considers Possible Alliance With APUA – Gov’t

APUA Headquaters

The government says Digicel is considering striking a deal with APUA which would benefit both companies.

It was reported that Chairman of Digicel worldwide, and four Digicel managers, held a one-hour consultation with the Cabinet to discuss the possible alliance between the Irish firm and APUA/PCS.

At the moment, Digicel operates an undersea cable that allows it to sell roaming to non-residents visiting Antigua and Barbuda, especially as tourists.

When the visitors utilize their cell phones issued elsewhere, they incur roaming charges that are very lucrative to the local provider.

The government disclosed that APUA seeks access to this cable service at a minimal cost in order to enable it to offer roaming also.

IOn the other hand, APUA has access to every home, or certainly can connect to every home by cable, because of its poles and buried fiber optic cables.

“Digicel would wish to have access to this capability in order to reach even more customers,” a Cabinet brief stated.

It added, “APUA would also wish to have an equitable division of a special section of the spectrum, unequally divided by the previous administration, excluding APUA/PCS from that important part of the spectrum when it turned out to be the more desirable space on the spectrum.”

The government says APUA/PCS and Digicel, following the Cabinet consultations, will likely enter into a strategic alliance to share the services and the spectrum in such a way that both firms would benefit.

Officials from both firms were identified to undertake the negotiations, commencing shortly.

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  1. This can’t be the same Digicel that the Antigua Barbuda Labour Party said was in bed with the UPP administration ripping off Antigua and Barbuda, someone please tell me I am wrong. If the labour Party is not a political mafia, the national crime syndicate organization well nothing else is, what a bunch of deceptive old renegades. I have no nice words to call them. They will get into power all means necessary. “What a wicked set a people” and the people who follow them blindly are just the same.

    • How does this evening before an issue of Politics? Geez! The government had a meeting with a company… Point blank.

  2. Well if APUA has connection to every house in Antigua I definitely live in my own country because they have refused to give me telephone and internet because they don’t have the infrastructure to provide me with service. I can’t..

  3. We need to take back what slavery and colonialism took from us and instill pride and resourcefulness in ourselves.

    Self reliance must be our only goal, the populus must be socially engineered towards this.

    We can do it only if their are leaders that believe.

  4. No, no, no, please. Apua’s customer service is actually better than digicel. APUA, please do not let Digicel drag you into the gutter. And Digicel, please leave APUA alone. This has got to be a joke!

    I am planning on switching my internet and phone services to APUA. I have had to make written complaints to Digicel. Their service is poor, slow and lacking. No internet for days. When my bill goes over, their reps always have an excuse to quickly get rid of you. My last one was, “Oh, our system had a glitch.”

    I have proven that their reps don’t know how to read their system. I went in one day and made a point to go to 3 different reps with the same question. Well, no surprise, I got 3 different answers.

    This article is disturbing.

  5. Digicel needs to fix their current system and customer service before they try to link up with anyone. Period!

  6. Previous Administration??? 3rd to last paragraph…the previous administration was last year under ABLP and then this year we had a rushed in election which bought a new administration under ABLP…check it out for yourselves…new ministers, ole ministers, new portfolios, ole portfolios, new losses ole losses..

  7. Apua now step up digicel is about to give in do the only alternative is to strike a deal.Tell melford get he facts straight.Apua telecoms is profitable.Actually help to keep water division afloat.When are you want vote ar you pack up Apua trait trait and now no want we own we own thing.We finger till intact and Antiguans no tupit.Anna now melford a push for this a heg Gaston traight.Them too F***in* bright

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