Developing states call for groundbreaking Saint John’s Accord to unlock visa-free travel

Armand Arton Chairman and Founder of Global Citizens Forum

Developing states call for groundbreaking Saint John’s Accord to unlock visa-free travel

  • At the 2024 UN Small Island and Developing States (SIDS4) Summit, held in Antigua and Barbuda, the Global Citizen Forum has proposed the signing of a groundbreaking multilateral agreement that will see each SIDS grant citizens of other states in the bloc visa-free travel.
  • Between the 39 states, with a combined population of over 65 million people, establishing visa-free travel would require over 200 bilateral agreements. Underneath this multilateral umbrella, only one agreement is required. The Passport Index will serve as the official benchmarking tool for this agreement.
  • Visa-free travel incentivises bilateral trade, boosts tourism that drives investment in local economies, and enhances employment opportunities for professional and skilled workers. When signed, the Saint John’s Accord will serve as a landmark commitment to promoting mutual understanding, shared prosperity, and enduring cultural exchange.

Gaston Browne, Prime Minister of Antigua and Barbuda said:It is imperative that Small Island States act in solidarity to fight climate pollution, in protection of their terrestrial and marine environments. 

“They should strengthen relations among themselves and their peoples to facilitate greater people to people  exchanges among their citizens, increased trade and sharing of ideas, technology advances, and best practices to conserve their environment. 

“The Arton proposal for visa-free access among themselves is an excellent idea that should be pursued immediately as a quick win in building relations, as they work in solidarity to achieve resilient prosperity.

Armand Arton, Chairman and Founder of Global Citizen Forum remarked: “Breaking down the archaic borders of the old world will encourage a new, more equitable one to emerge. Establishing this visa-free agreement will drive intra-SIDS tourism and catalyse economic growth, ensuring people, capital, and ideas can seamlessly move between states for the mutual benefit of all. The agreement is also a resounding commitment to interconnectivity and open dialogue, understanding that we are stronger together than we are apart.

“I am delighted to see the Small Island and Developing States consider the Saint John’s Accord as a first step to achieving their own special economic area. Together, they stand ready to open the door to a new world of prosperity, liberating their citizens to travel, trade, study, and work as never before.”

About Global Citizen Forum:

The Global Citizen Forum (GCF) is a Canadian non-profit think thank focused on the positive impact of human mobility on society. Founded by Armand Arton, the social impact pioneer whose life has been shaped by migration, GCF’s global community of leaders and catalysers, seek to unlock the potential of global citizenship, and promote the benefits of seamless mobility.

Invented by Arton Capital, the Passport Index is the world’s leading interactive mobility intelligence platform tracking the barriers of global mobility and helping people discover and improve the power of their passports.

As the real-time global ranking of the world’s passports, the Passport Index has become the world authority on passport power, reliable visa requirements, and trusted links to apply for electronic travel authorizations.

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  1. Good luck with that!

    You guys think the big countries are going to give you SIDS visa-free travel so you can arrive and not leave? Maybe to each other’s country, in which case it does not count.
    All these accords and agreements are just recycled from other SIDS conferences. We get it.

    You all can’t be seen to have wasted our money and our time, disrupted our society by having first call on our services (could not get an ambulance to take a bleeding child to hospital. All were at SIDS).

    Waste of money and time. Not holding my breath waiting for the $10m the dog promised the nation that the SIDS would bring.

    • There is lots of empty land in continents on earth, and all humans have a right to try to survive on earth. In the event of a major natural disaster on an island, the countries in big Continents should, in fact, let small-island people in. People fight for all kinds of so-called “human rights” to live whatever lifestyle they feel like. But, the real ultimate human right is the right to try and survive on planet earth. Yet, so many people oppose letting others have that right in peace.

  2. @ over ambitious
    You are sounding very bitter and resentful.

  3. Could we get a list of the countries involved and a timeline for implementation? Cause I might need to get outta here real soon with the way things are spiralling downhill here so fast… Another small island will do fine… Which ones have the lowest crime rates?

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