Despite the shortfall in its subvention, MP Walker says Barbuda Council has had to assume some Central Gov’t obligations


REAL NEWS: Barbuda MP Trevor Walker has revealed that the Barbuda Council, on occasion, has had to pay some of the sister-island’s teachers on behalf of the Central Government.

Payment to public-school teachers, whether they are employed in Barbuda or Antigua, is the responsibility of the Central Government.

Accordingly, Walker says the Council has been admonished to stop making such payments, since it is not among the functions of the Council.

However, he says they paid the teachers who work on Barbuda for the benefit of the children on the island – although Central Government was failing to transfer the meager monthly subsidy, of $500,000, in a timely manner.

Additionally, Walker says, the airport on Barbuda is the responsibility of Central Government.  However, it was also left to the Council to deal with the payment of staff.  He says the local body had to pay the cleaners and other persons to maintain the facility.

Despite the responsibility not being the Council’s, Walker says it ensured that payments were made, because it has to make sure the system in Barbuda continues to work.

Further, the Barbuda MP reveals that, after Hurricane Irma devastated the island in 2017, destroying the nurses’ hostel, it was the local government who paid rent to ensure the nurses on the sister-island had somewhere to stay.

When Barbudans speak on certain issues, Walker says, he wants Antiguans to understand that they are not trying to be disruptive or to oppose everything; but the islanders have been through some difficult times over these many years.

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  1. This is a special request for Mr. Trevor Walker. Also known as KING LIAR.
    Since he is an accountant, he had better make sure his books reflect all that he has said. Cause I am urging the Gaston Browne administration to have the Director of Audit go over and audit the books of the Council going back to 2004.

  2. Antiguans are constantly being fed a one sided story when it comes to Barbuda[ns] All Antiguans should be concerned and outraged when Barbudans are taken advantage of by the govt.
    But, it’s just a matter the of time before more Antiguans start having their day of reckoning with this administration.

    Barbudans resilence and tenacity makes them unique and admirable. Antiguans should take note!

    • Here, here @ Fight THE Power! I also admire the tenacious spirit of the Barbudan’s.

      There are also pockets of resistance and resilience in parts of Antigua as well to Gaston Browne’s money grabbing ways.

      Places like St Peters and All Saints Village rejected the ABLP nonsensical policies and electioneering gimmicks.


    • @Fight The Power! – Seems to me you are an ingrate. Much sacrifices have been made to get Barbuda to where it is today. I remember when special flights were made to bring Barbudans to Antigua in order to protect them from the elements. Back then many argued it was about kidnapping them to take away their land. Tax payers moneys were extended to accommodate them here yet ingrates like you still argue Antiguans don’t respect Barbudans. Trevor Walker was right when during his time as a cabinet member in the UPP admin, he admonished Barbudans by saying:

      “Barbuda’s Representative Chides Residents for Dependency: (May 29, 2010, Antigua Daily Observer)
      “Member of Parliament (MP) for Barbuda Trevor Walker yesterday lashed out at Barbudans for their dependence on the Barbuda Council.
      Walker accused Barbudans of not doing enough for the sister-island while relying too heavily on subsidies from the central government in Antigua.
      “It’s so amazing to me that 1,500 people cannot get together to try and organise themselves in a way that they can help themselves, and I take blame for that too,” he said. “All that we do is to go to this broke Barbuda Council that has no money, borrow everything that we want, and the same Barbuda Council depends on the central government every week every month for transfers. It’s just not sustainable.”
      “At the end of the day, we cannot have it both ways. We cannot want to live the Antigua life and want to have the Barbuda lifestyle”

      • Listen up Tenman, I’m not Barbudan, fyi; I don’t have to be grateful for anything — You on the other hand should be.
        Where did all the monies from the sand mining in Barbuda go. Was it put back into Barbuda? And, whatever the government did for Barbudans after the hurricane was its responsibility; they are tax payers just like Antiguans. Btw, why haven’t the Barbudans recieved their hurricane donations yet?
        Did any of it finds its way to your abode?

        And now, the government leaders are rewarding themselves by scraping up Barbuda lands for themselves and there families — How many acres did MerB, her father and and GB take for themselves? Go sell your BS elsewhere — I’m not buying.

        • @Asswipe@Tenman – Stop with the made up story. Guy ingratitude is worse than witchcraft. I have to ensure that whatever curse you and your ilk are deserving of, that I and mine won’t be impacted. In the words of Trevor Walker :
          ““All that we do is to go to this broke Barbuda Council that has no money, borrow everything that we want, and the same Barbuda Council depends on the central government every week every month for transfers. It’s just not sustainable.””

          • Tenman, where did all the money from the Barbuda Sand Mining go?

          • @Tenman, I’m am an Antigua from England Harbour You think every Antiguan agrees with what this government is doing in Barbuda and to Barbudans? All Antiguans aren’t feeding at the trough like you and you ilk. Some of us can afford to call out the wrong doings, unlike you. I am free to stand with Barbudans. They have suffered at the hands of the ALP before I was even born. Burbada have been a cash cow for the ALP government for years and it’s more so today. That is why they can stand Labour.
            I don’t give a flying fig what Walker said to his people. I’m sure he would agree with what I’m saying.
            Where did the millions of $$ from sand mining in Barbuda go? Why don’t you answer the questions? How much of Barbudas beach front lands did MerB PerB and GB scrape up for themselves? And how many parcels has your name on them for being GB’s
            asswipe? Address those and stop deflecting.

          • Tenman, more often than not, you know when to run away and when not to comment.

  3. Trevor Walker cannot authorize any land lease in Antigua and Barbuda. CROWN land!!!

    He can take it to the Privy Council if he don’t like it.

  4. Land Issue in Barbuda is a SETTLED CASE. The HIGHEST COURT of the LAND has RULED. Who doesn’t want to abide by the law will have to face the music. Simple as that. We are a country of LAWS. No one is above the LAW.

    • @From The Sideline
      Did you get your beachfront land in Barbuda? What are you going to do with it, flip it? Barbuda land issue is a land grab by grabbers and thieves.

    • I agree @ Sideline, not even Gaston Browne is above the LAW, and that’s why the country is looking forward also to an INDEPENDENT enquiry into his involvement with the African airline fiasco.

      You are so correct … No one is above the LAW. ⚖️

  5. We have a legendary Hatfield and McCoy bru ha ha here.

    The origins of the feud are obscure. Some attribute it to hostilities formed during the American Civil War, in which the McCoys were Unionists and the Hatfields were Confederates, others to Rand’l McCoy’s belief that a Hatfield stole one of his hogs in 1878. However, although animosities had built up and occasional fights had broken out, the first major bloodletting did not occur until 1882, when Ellison Hatfield was mortally shot in a brawl with McCoys and, in revenge, the Hatfields kidnapped and executed three McCoy brothers—Tolbert, Phamer, and Randolph, Jr.

    These murders sharpened the backwoods warfare, and thereafter Hatfields and McCoys repeatedly ambushed and killed one another. Hatfields arrested in their home county and McCoys arrested in their home county were invariably released or acquitted of their deeds because of their respective local support and influence. Fighting reached a climax in 1888. On New Year’s Day a group of Hatfields led by Jim Vance attacked the home of patriarch Rand’l McCoy, missing him but shooting dead a son and a daughter and burning his houses. In retaliation, a posse of McCoys and neighbours, headed by a Pike county deputy sheriff, made successive raids across the border into West Virginia, killing Vance and at least three others, battling with a West Virginia posse, and eventually rounding up nine of the Hatfield clan for indictment and trial in Kentucky. West Virginia filed suit in federal court, charging kidnapping and lawlessness; Kentucky defended the abduction; and newspapers all over the country began carrying front-page stories of the feud and sending in reporters. Finally, in May 1888, a divided U.S. Supreme Court ruled (in Plyant Mahon v. Abner Justice, jailer of Pike County, Ky.) that Kentucky had the legal right to detain the accused for trial. The trials, later in the year, resulted in one sentence of death by hanging and eight sentences of imprisonment.

    Although there were flare-ups thereafter, notably in 1896–97, the feuding gradually abated and had ended by the second decade of the 20th century. The Hatfield-McCoy legend was embellished by a brief love affair about 1880 between Johnson (“Johnse”) Hatfield and Rose Anna McCoy—an affair that was opposed and eventually broken up by the McCoys. Newspapers turned it into a Romeo-and-Juliet romance…….Excerpted from Britannica

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