Delarno Davis Charged for Robbing a Corn Alley Store


Delarno Davis Charged for Robbing a Corn Alley Store

The police arrested and charged 18 year-old Delarno Davis of Golden Grove Extension with robbery.

The accused is alleged to have armed himself with a firearm and entered a Corn Alley store and robbed the owners of almost $31,000 dollars’ worth of jewelry and electronic items.

The items include one hundred and twenty-seven rings; five wrist watches, seven neck chains along with fifteen pendants; two bracelets, two Fire Tablets, three moblie phones and an undisclosed sum of cash, which all amounts to EC $30,973.00.

The alleged incident occurred around 3:30 pm on 7th February. He will be expecting to appear before the Court sometime this week.

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  1. Throw the damn book at him, and I can bet your bottom dollar that he’s been behind a spate of similar crimes as well.

    Good must eventually overcome evil … 😈

    • Remember, as I’ve mentioned time and time again on these threads; being bad is easy.

      Try education, being a mentor and a pillar of Antiguan society – now that’s achievements!


  2. When I was a boy, my mother used to warn me that, “Want in abundance ruin many.” Sadly, this seems to be the lot of many young people in Antigua and Barbuda. It really says much about our society and our collective failure to channel our young people in the right direction. It seems that as a society we have lost our moral compass, and sadly, our young people seem not to be able to resist the temptation to do wrong. It is so very unfortunate that at 18 years old (when his life has not even properly started), this young man chose this path. But he did the crime and will have to pay the penalty. I trust that he can be reformed and that this experience will help him to change his life.

    • @ Wash an’ Basin
      it would appear that society has failed a lot of our young people. There are problems at home and problems in the country with no opportunities for young people leaving school. This should not lead to violence and robbery, but invariably it does as young people want things and some will be tempted to steal. A lot of parents today are unemployed, living in poverty and cannot provide for their children until they find employment. Are guidance counsellors in the schools directing the children into trade school which should be free. The young people need employment opportunities and it is the government’s duty to bring jobs into the country by seeking out investors. Throwing these teenagers in jail will only create bigger problems in the future when they get out as hardened criminals that nobody will hire with a record. There is the urgent need for the boys and girls training school to rehabilitate these young people.

  3. End of times woes. As prophesied in the instruction manual that the Creator gave to mankind: that as we draw closer to the end, the heart of man will become desperately evil and corrupt. No compassion, no love, no caring attitude. It is all about self.

    It is very pellucid that all our troubles are a result of us turning your minds away from the Master Instructor and instead yielding ourselves to the carnal. selfish ways of the arch enemy.

    I keep on emphasizing that our woes are NOT because of lack of good knowledge. Rather our sufferings and anguishes are because we prefer to walk the broad, easy way of doing evil and enjoying the fleeting temporary pleasures of that path.
    The other path is NARROW: It calls for discipline, temperance, love, peace, humility and perseverance. The end result being life eternal. But no….humanity on the majority has rejected that narrow path even though it stares us BLANK PLAIN in our eyes that it is the ONLY way to peace and freedom.

    Truth does hurt, but it makes us FREE. Yes, freedom from the guilt and eternal punishment that is the final fate of those who choose to reject the TRUTH.

    Yet There is HOPE for anyone who truly wants to follow the right way. Though Unfortunately, only a minority will faithfully stand for and with the truth; to the end.

    It is really SAD how we have chosen the evil path to our own destruction.

    The Creator will NEVER force us to go HIS way. The choice is ours. At the end of the day; everyone stands accountable for our stewardship of this life.

    Which way will we choose: LIFE OR DEATH ? There is NO middle ground.
    Look around and see the mess in the world today: politricks, religion, economics, social,…..


  4. He is 18 years old,an adult. Do you think his parents should be baby sitting him? Are those young people smoking too much weed?

    • @Black-Man
      Yes his parents should be providing for him until he finds employment. When we left school, our parents provided for us until we were employed or went off to university. But some of these kids don’t have parents who can provide for them. The government needs to get involved or things are going to get worse.
      Instead of the government paying owners of stores and other establishments who are their supporters to hire a lot of non nationals, they should be putting the money in apprenticeship programs for young people to learn a trade. People who are employed don’t have time to steal.

  5. Most of these youngsters are just idiots with no life. You then put a gun in the hands of these fools an they now become just a bunch of brave idiots, still without a life. (untouchable) No real planning needed, no big thinking, look at this video! I have a gun am now king idiot.

    • Mr. Byam just like his UPP hates “foreigners” and accuse them of all wrongdoing in Antigua and Barbuda. He fart to find out is his own did this one.

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