Delano Christopher first female Commissioner of Police in Antigua and Barbuda and the Caribbean Region 


39 years of unbroken service. First in many areas. Broken many barriers. Set the stage for others to emulate. Represented Antigua and Barbuda with dignity and respect and love for her country.Snippets from the records

1. On 6th March 2003, history was created in the Royal Police Force when Ms. Christopher took over command of A Division, the largest and most challenging division within the police force.

2. History was again created and another first, when on 12 th August 2004. Ms. Christopher was appointed acting Deputy Commissioner of Police.

3. Nine months later, another first and a historic moment when she was called upon to take over command of the Royal Police of Antigua and Barbuda as the acting Commissioner of Police.

4. In June of 2006 Ms. Christopher was named in Her Majesty’s Birthday Honours to be the recipient of the Queen’s Police Medal (QPM) for distinguished service to the royal Police Force of Antigua and Barbuda. 

5. Confirmed in the post of Commissioner of Police on 1st November 2006.

Granted she was not well respected for being who she was but my golly.

No official funeral, the government promises to make a donation towards the funeral that has not been honored and the family was denied eligibility for the social security funeral grant. The family never even received as much as a letter of condolences from the government. Why?

Was she singled out for a reason? If so, explain.

For clarity this is not about money but  Why?

If she was among us her butter skin colour would be red, she would be in tears asking why?

Some might say let it go but how can you when her name is a continuous topic of discussion. Her legacy is a round table discussion.

So can the public, government or someone with the know why chime in and explain, especially for those of us who lack understanding.

For this woman, who has done so much, made her mark, impacted lives, diamond on the rock. her lineage deserves some answers and honors.

Concerned citizen

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  1. How come retired S. Sgt Attley aka Jango got such a shabby send off. Just like former commissioner Christopher D he also gave the organization nearly 40 years of his life…

  2. The first female Police officer to smash the glass ceiling paving the way for Commissioner Christopher and others, was not even acknowledged by this government of which she was a staunch supporter.
    No letter of condolence, no representation at her home going no nothing.
    So what else is to be expected from them?
    No respect for the police nor the persons who dedicated their life to the constabulary.

  3. “Staunch supporter of the government” which government is that cause is was DEFINITELY NOT ALP. Miss Christopher my her soul rest in peace was NOT A LABOUR SUPPORTER. She was PLM/UPP. Funny enough UPP was the ones who hired and fired her and to rub salt in the wounds replaced her with 4 YTE CANADIAN MOUNTEES. Let not forget she was labeled as one of the most incompetent Police Commissioner thoug nobody can touch Atlee Rodney when it comes to that. But still all she has to her legacy is she was the first female commissioner of Police nothing else.

  4. I really liked Late past Commissioner Christopher but she was a UPP political apointee who did not deserve the job and could not do it
    Plaim truth
    And following political directives many were victimised. She was the UPP and then brutally discarded.
    Do not open this can of worms. Let the good lady rest in peace.

  5. Hope the officers young and old are taking notes because all they do is use you then discard you. Some still don’t want to go home bout my government in power and not making any meaningful contribution to the organization. When you have done your 33 1/3 there’s nothing more for you to get go home and enjoy your retirement soon from now Government won’t have money to give so all you better gwarn and get all you money now.

  6. Remember when Lovell made Lamin Newton answer a question about farming? Lmao. That is exactly what UPP did to Christopher…She is a strong Blue supporter she been in the force long time rise through the ranks well she must know how to lead….

  7. Christopher never attended secondary school, yet made it to Commissioner

    Sgt Pelle who also died few months back. Graduated from All Saints Secondary, Joined the force age 18 years, spent 41 years and only made it to Sergeant

    Something is wrong with this Force

  8. @Ron : So what,if she never went to Secondary School.It does not mean a person is not smart/bright.I have met many in my professional life.They attended the best Colleges and Universities in the World.They were reporting to me,in the work place.I have never been to a University,except for my children graduations.So it works both ways.What Universities did Mark Zuckerberg and Bill Gates graduated from? The answer is,NONE.THEY ARE AMONG THE WEALTHIEST IN THE ENTIRE WORLD.

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