DeFreitas worried about Government’s relationship with PLH, noting similarities to that with fallen Stanford Empire

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The similarities between the Peace Love and Happiness (PLH) project and the former Stanford Empire are causing some concern to Franz deFreitas, the United Progressive Party (UPP) Candidate for St. John’s City South.

The PLH’s relationship with the Browne Administration has seen the investor group providing the Government with money that Finance Minister Gaston Browne claims is not a loan, a fire truck, and infrastructure on the sister-island, among other known contributions.

PLH is also likely to dominate the employment landscape in Barbuda – as deFreitas notes the Administration’s boast about the number of people already hired and those to be employed once the project is completed.

However, de Freitas says, he remembers this was the same tune being sung with R.Allen Stanford, who is now serving more than 100 years in a United States prison for running what amounted to a Ponzi scheme here.

The Labour Party Administration apparently does not learn from its past experiences and mistakes, deFreitas says. REAL NEWS

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  1. Not a reasonable comparison. John Paul Jones DeJoria (born April 13, 1944) is an American entrepreneur, self-made billionaire, philanthropist best known as a co-founder of the Paul Mitchell line of hair products and The Patrón Spirits Company. Due to his personal career and achievements in business from once being homeless to becoming a self-made billionaire and successful entrepreneur DeJoria has been described as a living example of the American Dream and has been featured in a number of reports and documentaries. He is widely known in the Beauty Industry, who struck wealth by investing in stocks including gold and did really well.
    His company has been complying with tax laws of the USA. So there’s no need to juxtapose his investments to that of R. Allen Stanford in any way. His beauty company is headquartered in Los Angeles while his alcohol company is headquartered in Las Vegas. He’s no fly-by-night investor. He also owns many Cosmetology schools across America. He is someone who I know personally. He is as humble as they come. No need ton play politics on this one.

    • Here we go again the fake hair doctor telling people he knows John Paul DeJoria. I don’t know why this wannabe Labourite don’t study his personal life, that is not going anywhere. When he is not on Hillary Clinton campaign team or some hair celebrity in Atlanta, now he knows John Paul DeJoria, when will this suck up artist stop fooling people. He should be the last person to talk about Allen Stanford the fraud.

    • @Dave Ray…DeJoria! Does he or any one of his companies the owner of Redonda?
      What is in the dark will come to light, in due time.

    The sources of wealth are COMPLETELY DIFFERENT…
    Come on Franz… this is going LOW for a non-story. ☹️😬😱

  3. All the beneficiaries of the Stanford largesse like Gaston Browne and Molwyn Joseph seem to forget the brilliant businessman who invested his proceeds of crime in Antigua and on Antiguan government for many years. It was the days of the Ponzi when from Wall Street to Bond Street money was wild and all were consumed in Ponzi deals.
    As a so-called environmentalist this De Joreo(?) investor in Barbuda is just as guilty of careless overreach in changing forever the delicate environmental balance of one of the most fragile ecosystems in our region. Populating Barbuda with 400+ highend homes, golf courses and whatever support casinos, nightclubs, restaurants and the hundreds of imported servants will change the sister island forever, reducing a proud people to second class citizens after four hundred years of slavery and colonization.
    De man is also a thief of the Barbudans good life.

  4. Mega investors are risky!!! Government should not pull all of its eggs in one basket. Stanford outwitted US officials for years and there are some who have conspiracy theories that Stanford actually worked for the CIA. Antigua and Barbuda is a small vulnerable economy and should spread their risk across several investors and not be beholden to a single investor. It is a very risky strategy.

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