DeFreitas says Nov. 30 picket of Social Security is still on

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(REAL NEWS) Franz deFreitas  says he will not be fooled into dropping his guard, and reaffirms that a picket set for November 30 will still take place.

DeFreitas’ declaration is made against the fact that the Government has deposited EC$10 million into the Social Security Scheme to pay pensions for September and October.  The funds came from a Caribbean Development Bank loan for US$25  million.

Notwithstanding the cash injection, the United Progressive Party (UPP) Candidate for St. John’s City South will lead the action in front of the Social Security office.  He and those who join him will be protesting the treatment of pensioners, who are paid late almost every month.

DeFreitas is asking what will happen at the end of November and for December, which is normally a busy shopping month, since the funds the Scheme received was intended to settle only two months.

He also notes that some pensioners are still owed for June, and asks how and when they will receive that payment.

Meanwhile, on the heels of his successful picket on November 16, which attracted scores of parents and school children, deFreitas says the event was not his brainchild.  Rather, he says, it was staged in response to a call by the people of Antigua and Barbuda.

He says residents were fed up with the treatment meted out to them and their children on account of being unvaccinated.  As a result, they joined deFreitas outside the Ministry of Education to show their displeasure with the vaccination mandates.

The UPP candidate says someone had to fight for the children of this nation.

The Cabinet has since rescinded its forced vaccination policy, with Prime Minister Gaston Browne claiming  that it was never intended to be in place for long and has achieved its goal of herd immunity.

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    • If DeFreitas is a sham, then what are you? There are people who had registered/signed up to receive a pension, and two years now (some even one year) they haven’t received a red cent. These people work hard for years and contribute to the scheme for their retirement fund and now time to reap the benefit the scheme has them on hold (saying cash flow problem). Well Tenman, where are the people’s money? The money in that scheme should have never been touched in the first place. By the way, the private sector is the one who has been carrying scheme over the years because the government failed to contribute the money deducted from the government employees salaries and wages.

      • You seem to forget the UPP had a hand in this mess. The director (K Smith now deceased) appointed by the trade union for years pointed, out UPP government were dilinquent in payment to the scheme. Its under them we not only lost moneys invested in CLICO, moneys on SKN bonds also resulted in a loss. Yes the former ALP, before 2004 also has much blame. What you also seem to ignore is the scheme for years needed reform. Those reforms happened mostly after 2014. If you read the actuary reports you would note them pointing out that contriobuters were receiving more benefits than their contributions afforded them. As part of this the pension age needed to be adusted upwards, so also contribution rates. Its under the current admin that not only payments of government contribitions have not been on time, extra has been paid to help the steady the ship. So guy if you enjoy being a pappy show, join deFreitas in his attempt for relevance. Not even his resume would cause anyone to pay him attention, but he clearly sings a song you wish to have him wine up on you with.

          • @MUDMAN – Boss I get why you would prefer to not face facts. However, know that indicates a possible mental problem. Contact the necessary mental heallth expert to help you, cause I can’t fix crazy

        • Mr Tenman, are you saying that the Social Security scheme mess up between 2004 to 2014? If so you’re a dunce element. Under Lester Bird and the latter years of Papa Bird administration, the government wasn’t contributing any funds into the scheme. What the private sector was contributing during that time, the ALP government then was taking out as borrowed loan and never repaid. You need to look at the root of the problem instead just focus on 2004 to 2014 during the UPP administration. Yes, the UPP has their faults too with the scheme. I worked at scheme during Papa Bird and Lester Bird administration also during the UPP so I know what I am saying. UPP is the only administration that ever contributed more deductible from it workers than any administration.

  1. I have never voted for the UPP, however, I’m willing to give them a chance at the next election. Sadly, Gaston Browne’s and the ALP party has lost their way, and has treated the electorate with utter disdain, especially since the plandemic began nearly two years ago.

    I witnessed a pensioner in the bank in recent times, virtually begging for her pension. YOU SHOULD BE ASHAMED OF YOURSELVES ALP – BUT I VERY MUCH DOUBT IT!

    We have to pay our taxes on time … PAY THE PENSIONERS THEIR MONEY!

    • You seem to have amnesia so let me give you a refresher…UPP just as bad as ABLP there was a point where both government workers and pensioners were paid late till the banks got fustrated and posted notice on the door that government is paying late don’t let these fly by night wanna be politicians who come back to Antigua with nothing and now running to see how rich they get in 5 years fool you.

      • I bow to your superior knowledge. Recent returnee. It sounds like all these politicians and political parties are all the same. TAL!

        • Its not me having superior knowledge but having live though both UPP and ABLP i can clearly say cabba nah betta than yabba we need to dash way both parties and get people who actually have the country at heart not a get rich scheme.

  2. FRANZ would like be the LEADER of the DEFUNCT UPP. FRANZ go back in your cage. Go back to begging BULLFOOT SOUP.

  3. Franz do u think creating these pickets make u a hero? You have not made any worthwhile contribution to this country and to this day you are acting like an austranaut, just occupying space. Jumbie know who to frighten. You need to wake up & smell the coffee…. The day of election will prove to you that you are fighting a losing battle…

    • Yes! Frantz is a hero! After the Gaston saw the picket of school children and parents, he changed the mandate demanding that school children be vaccinated.

    • If you don’t agree that Franz should not stand up for the pensioners, then you do it for them. The pensioners need their money. It was deducted from their salaries and wages and put there for their retirement. Where are the pensioners money gone?

  4. Clearly Franz is not steeped in the history of his party. Pensioners had similar problems getting paid on time during the days of the UPP administration.

    Like the ALP did in opposition, the UPP has the answer to every problem now that they’re out of power.

    A&B is in dire need of a 2nd party. This party; that party; same pappy-show

  5. All administrations are guilty of tardiness in paying social security contributions and also in paying pensioners late. However, the genesis of the problems of Social Security must squarely be placed at the feet of the Labour Party governments. No revisionism of the history of Social Security in this country can change the facts.

  6. ABLP is much worse than the UPP.

    Gaston Browne told his ministers to enrich themselves
    Baldwin Spencer told his ministers to enrich themselves
    Asot asked Gaston to declare his wealth
    Gaston boasts about how rich he is and how poor the UPP members are.

    Think about love of people. Gaston does not love poor people especially poor black people.
    Look at how he is giving away the land to Chinese, Indians while poor black Antiguans have to walk day after day to Chapa.

    Amnesia, I am willing to go head-to-head with you on this.

    The UPP is a much better party than the ABLP.
    The ABLP is simply about self-enrichment.

  7. The ABLP has the benefit of the CIP funds. Gaston boasts receiving over two billion dollars from CIP.
    The UPP never had the that type of money to spend.
    So Brixtonian, do your research before you are influenced by the ABLP supporters on this chat.

    • WOW … UPP it is then, at the next election. Thanks for updating me about the CIP funding; just checked it out, and what you said is true.

      • Again Brixtonian don’t let these politicians fool you. UPP just as bad as ABLP that person Charles Tabor is a strong UPP supporter and legal advisor. He will always find fault and lay blame with ABLP just like what ABLP did during UPP ten years run. They don’t give a damn about Antigua just to fill their pockets and go. We need some fresh blood in Antigua politics not people bouncing from party to party just to hold on to power.

        • Where is the CIP money! Please answer that question.

          The UPP left over 20 million in the Medical Benefits Scheme to be used in the event of a pandemic but Gaston Browne spent it off. Please see Antigua Observer 7 February 2014.

          The UPP has vision: Gaston Browne only curses, curses, curses

        • All the UPP candidates with the exception of the Mr. Lovell are new political candidates. Are you saying that they’re all corrupt candidates like the ABLP Ministers? If so, then no candidates will be good in your eyes. It is best you put your name on the political ticket run for office since you’re better fit.

    • If u’re going to go down that road, then u must take into account that the UPP had the income tax and ABST funds at its disposal and still did not pay the deducted statutory contributions into the appropriate agency. At that point, those were funds that previous ALP administrations did not have at their disposal.

      Both misfit administrations failed to live up to their obligations. Both major parties are sides of the same coin. For that reason, the politicians can move from the top of one party, to the top of the opposing party without missing a beat.

      Dem ah de same ting!! Dis party; dat party; same pappy-show

  8. Come all the clowns you are invited to the biggest circus in town and it wouldn’t cost you anything. Those political prostitutes and people who are suffering from Amnesia you would be given a VIP treatment. You will be served drinks consisting of stupid bush, ignorant 🍞, dumb salt fish and Amnesia Chicken. Don’t forget your clown suits colored in yellow. Don’t be too late. It’s the biggest show to hit Wadadli.

  9. Frantz is making world boss nervous here. Should Mr. Defreitad be the bonafide leader of the UPP. He is making waves in the land. I must admit I’ve know him since he was a little boy in Ovals and admire his passion. Too bad Cutie couldnt win him over to the ALP.

  10. Wow. Do you guys really think pensioners are caring when this started or how many administrations messed this up. They want their money now and deservingly so. It is the current admins responsibility to provide a solution but criticizing them without a solution is worthless. This is so big in my opinion that it will take all hands and heads. Another loan is so weak and lack creativity. I noticed 25 was borrowed and 10 is airmarked where will the other 15 go and how much is it going to cost the people? Where is the settlement statement? So Borrowing is the new big idea? Where is the love?

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