DeFreitas: It’s time for the disenfranchisement, discrimination and disrespect of the people to end

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Enough Is Enough! This is the echoing cry of St. John’s City South UPP Candidate Franz deFreitas.

Now putting words into action, deFreitas organized a picket to stand up against the discrimination and flawed education policy that only allows vaccinated children access to an education.

On Tuesday the 16th of November at the Ministry of Education on Queen Elizabeth Highway; deFreitas led residents and citizens to participate in demonstrating their frustration and standing up for their rights and the rights of their children.

The future City South representative stated, We have stood by and watched the slow decline of our fundamental rights in this country and now it has hit home with our children being deprived of the basic human right of education. This is wrong and damaging to our democracy and economy in the short and long term.

It is time for bold actions against the lack of respect for parents, teachers and children and the blatant disregard for the education and mental health of our children. More than 400 picketers turned out at the protest with their own placards in solidarity, expressing their feelings and opinions regarding the deleterious actions of the government.

DeFreitas has taken his mission of dedicating his life to the betterment of St. John’s City South and by extension the nation as top priority and is willing to take the pressure when it comes to standing up for the rights of the people.

He continues to lead the path to opening the minds and eyes of persons at home and in the diaspora to stand up for themselves understanding that the citizen is the highest office of the land. He firmly believes it’s time for the chaos, mismanagement, disenfranchisement, discrimination and disrespect of the people to end.

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  1. Editor, this reads like it was written by Franz himself. I take it this was sent to you to be published and not written by anyone employed by ANR?

  2. Every opposition party and members always sees the wrong when they are out of political office but when they are in their they don’t care about the masses
    Sir i wish you would one who will be there for the masses and your own profit and destroy the Country you said to love and its people
    although you are not yet in office look at your work, no moral, no care for the children, no care for their health Linton of Dominica, Chasastina of St. Lucia and other including you are all the same HUNGRY FOR POWER!!!!!!!!

  3. Franz is a dunce and a racist…what has he accomplished……..another loser to add to the UPP….they will never get elected with the has beens and criminals that are running

  4. The Educational Institution that his(franz) children attends also has adopted a mandatory vaccination policy. Why cry down Antigua’s policy ?

  5. All those who are unvaccinated need to stop paying taxes since they can’t do like the vaccinated. No schools, no bars, no restaurants and right down the list of things, events and places they can’t go because Gaston discriminating against the unvax, no need to pay any damn tax.

    • The gov´t is NOT discriminating! The 2008 Education Act, passed under the UPP, speaks to the vaccine requirment for students to enter educational institutions.

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