Deformed children in Antigua linked to use of pesticides


Cabinet Notes:

The Cabinet invited the Director of Institute of Applied Science and Research, to address the issue of pesticide use around Antigua and Barbuda. .CLICK HERE TO JOIN OUR WHATS APP GROUP

In cases of infants born in Antigua and Barbuda with malformed organs and retardation, it is likely the result of ingestion of mother’s milk that may contain remnants of flame retardants found in cars, baby seats, Teflon-coded cooking utensils, and other sources that the population utilizes.

The Fire Department and West Indies Oil Company utilize firefighting foams that are a source of the retardants.

Mercury is a carcinogen that is found throughout the region in hair samples, makeup, fish, bleaching creams. More research is being done to identify alternatives.

Heavy metals which are found in many products, including cellular phones, are disposed of in a manner that causes the spread of the chemicals and subsequent diseases.

Sargassum is also filled with heavy metals; although, some of it which gets to our shores has been shipped to Finland.

However, new methods of disposal are being considered, especially trying to capture the abundant seaweed before it gets to the shoreline, rots and releases toxins.CLICK HERE TO JOIN OUR WHATS APP GROUP

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    • Vaccines do have in a lot of unnatural chemicals that do not assimilate in the body, but in addition, we have allowed capitalistic greed to poison our food, medicine, water, air, the land and pretty much every facet of our existence. Unless we start going back to nature, we will become our own destroyers.

  1. Already doing damage control for the vaxx… When people find out why their little ones are so mangled they won’t be very happy. Birth rates all around the world are already very low compared to same time last year. Bill got his wish…

  2. It’s great that we are paying attention to possible sources of chemical contamination. However, this article is a bit unclear. How can a birth deformity be linked to mother’s milk? The baby wasn’t drinking milk within the womb. Maybe they mean chemicals in her blood or something like that. Also, the headline says pesticides but the article talks more about flame retardants. Have they done any actual testing on breast milk of mother’s with deformed babies to identify the types of chemicals present or is this all speculative?

    • Here comes the war on breast milk in order to introduce Bill Gates’s BIOMILQ. Don’t fall for this crap.

      • PS. Mother’s, remember your newborn needs that colostrum from breast milk which gives your baby passive immunity – and keeps your infant healthy.
        The above comment pertains to UNvaxxed (mRNA) mothers.
        I have no idea what an mRNA vaccinated mother can or would pass on to her newborn.

  3. The cell phone issue is easy to solve. In environmentally conscious cities, people separate their hazardous waste (lightbulbs, batteries, electronics etc.) in different containers stored outside e.g. in their garage, shed etc. When it’s convenient for them, they drop it off at a special collection center. The city would have a contract with a company that is capable of safely getting rid of the waste. Our National Solid Waste agency should have a special collection point or day for such items and they should have a contract with a disposal company overseas to collect periodic shipments of such waste for processing.

    • Also, people don’t really need those teflon-coated non-stick pans – just put a little water in your metal pan and scrape everything out easily with a wooden spatula a couple of hours later.

    • Can someone in the Cabinet please explain how breast milk can cause a child that was alive for nine months in its mother to become deformed?

      Blame something for what is to come, stat focused people.

      I totally agree that the VAX will create undesirable outcomes for the next generation. And Bill Gates BioMilq is being promoted.

  4. They know what’s going on they try to place blame on the real experiment and say its the pesticides I think its the vaxticide affect

  5. Sorry folks, I know this health issue isn’t at all funny, but hasn’t anyone else noticed the horrendous increases in other illnesses since the vaccine roll-outs.

    Dare I say, that the vaccines have played an integral part in compromising and weakening our natural immune system, and the pharmaceuticals actually know about this.


  6. What a poorly written article. From the title to the content. Firstly, how can a congenital malformation be linked to ingestion of breast milk??? Second where is the published data that supports this declaration. When was the study done? What samples were collected? What controls were used? Irresponsible and alarmist. If there is a problem with an increase in malformations and developmental delays than a proper study should be carried out instead of speculating on all the factors that may be playing a role. This is irresponsible journalism.

  7. More Studies Needed you are on point. When I read the headline I thought it was going to be about the usage of Agriculture pesticides , the fogging by the ministry of health, Aerosol insecticide sprays like Bop and Bagon , accounts for more than 75 % of the insects .
    This document is talking about something completely different to what is in the headline .

  8. We all know that consuming too much salt, inadequate drinking of water and lack of exercise are the main cause of hypertension. This is one of the major diagnostic of people visiting a doctor.
    One of the major medication dispensed at Medical Benefit is for hypertension.
    The Ministry of Health should have a program whereby agents from that ministry should be visiting all eating houses and food vendors to ensure that the foods are not cooked with too much salt.
    Antigua is slowly becoming a country where there will be more food vendors than food buyers.

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