Defense Force Warns Civilians Against Wearing Military Fatigue

Colonel Telbert Benjamin

Head of the Antigua and Barbuda Defense Force (ABDF) Lieutenant Colonel Telbert Benjamin says any non-ABDF personnel found wearing its uniform, or other military style uniforms, will be brought before the courts.

Benjamin explained that the ABDF uniform was designed specifically for the army with a number of markings and features unique to the force.

He noted that the law forbids any person who is not a member of the armed forces from using military paraphernalia, including the uniform.

Military paraphernalia of any sort is reserved only for members of the ABDF. Even in cases where individuals travel into the country wearing military type clothing, Benjamin indicated that they are asked to remove them immediately.

Similarly, when individuals who are not ABDF officers are discovered wearing articles of camouflage clothing in public, they are stopped by the police and required to remove the garment and change into other attire.



  1. I saw a squad harassing a man Friday night cause he was wearing an army print backpack which is clearly not the digital camouflage print used by the ABDF….

    • No member of the public is to wear anything at all military related wether its grey,blue,red,white,digital or standary print once it resembles military pattern its a NO NO

      • It’s a bullshit law just like many others but as usual Antigua people will just sit back and allow the government to do what it wants. If dictatorships were popular in the Caribbean I have no doubt of Antigua becoming one.

  2. What about this security company that dresses it’s guards in grey bdu’s, combat boots and barets?

  3. People of the Nation.Under a State of Emergency.This man has a lot more power now.The Military(ABDF) has more power than the Police.So listen to that ABDF,Commander and take heed.Before you were to end up in 1735.

  4. Antigua has the smallest army in the world. They have never been in a combat zone nor the amount of people in their military can defend anyone greater than 300 people. Why is it that Antigua is so hard on this? Can someone explain why please.

  5. Y’all stay tryna strip ppl with camouflage that doesn’t even replicate the Defense Force. Y’all don’t even have a real army. Stfu and find the actual perps who wore y’all lame ass shit to murder Bruce!!

  6. I don’t see anything wrong in having a camouflage backpack or a handbag. Some people have these as a symbol of respect for the military or in memory of a fallen soldier(s). The full camouflage uniform I can agree is forbidden but a backpack…come on. Retired military personnel normally wear or cap in honor of their service; even family members may wear a cap as a honor.
    Is Antigua and Barbuda the only country that has this law or is it apply around the world?

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