Defamation Lawsuit Looms as Prime Minister and Dwyer Astaphan Clash Over Political Remarks


Antigua and Barbuda’s Prime Minister, Gaston Browne, has warned Dwyer Astaphan to stay out of politics after Astaphan threatened to sue him for defamation.

The legal documents were delivered to Browne by Astaphan’s attorneys, but Browne dismissed the claims, stating that his remarks were not defamatory and that he would defend himself if the case went to court.

Browne suggested that the case could be dismissed as frivolous by the High Court. Browne accused Astaphan, who does not reside in the country, of making serious allegations against him during the election campaign.

Browne also implied that Astaphan’s motives might be financial, cautioning him to be wary of potential counterclaims.

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  1. meanwhile back at the ranch……Carla would rather deal with inanimate ceramic objects than tolerate that man!

  2. With all the issues plaguing this country especially crime, where the hell does this man find time to engage in these public spats? This s&*t is old. He is a Prime Menace to our society.

    • Way King Lyadd Lovell Limpy Joe IMF Pimp fine time fu go round south a pretend fu be laryah???? He nah claim say he retire as “leader”????? He dun larse he morning anna try regain he afternoon 🤣 😂 🤣 🤣 🤣

      Ah dat u fu study. UPP lack leadership. U karn seriously expect DEAD DARG PRINGLE PICK-UP-CORN EMPTYHEAD DUNCE UPSIDE-DOWN BIBLE fu “lead” anything??? 🤣 🤣 🤣 🤣 🤣 🤣 🤣

      Camarn yo. No convention date set yet? Wanda wammek

      • You have a crush on this man, to the extent that you are trolling. You seem to be self hating. I hope you don’t hurt yourself.

  3. Wait! So only Gaston can sue people! Do so nuh lub so! Now that a lawyer is threatening to sue him, he trying to casually dismiss it? What a hypocrite! Only he one to run his lying mouth? Antiguans wake up.

  4. Really and truly Astaphan needs to stay out of Antigua politics. Gaston is our sore foot.. We will deal with him. If we have to amputate we will do it. Astaphan former boss Denzil Allleges he Astaphan was corrupted by R. ALLEN Stanford whilst in office. That’s a public statement!!!
    No Antiguans got involved with that.. leff our sore foot alone. We will handle him!!!

  5. What goes around would come around and bite you in your arses.How many of you remembered.When a Labor Party Minister went to St Kitts and dabbled in their politics there.He was a Cabinet Minister in Gaston Browne’s Administration,namely Michael Browne.He was one lucky son of a gun.The St Kitts I knew back in the day.He would not have survived to return to Antigua.Michael Browne should have kissed his lucky stars.Now Gasman Browne is saying Astaphan is dabbling in our politics.How about that man Astaphan from Dominica.He is entrenched into our politics inna Antigua.Get to hell out,Harry Potter.

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