Deep Water Harbour Drug Bust


Forty pounds of cannabis, which carries an estimated wholesale value of $160,000, was Seized by police at the Deep Water Harbour on Friday.

Police K-9 and Narcotics officers were conducting a routine check inside the warehouse when one of the sniffer dogs detected drugs hidden inside a barrel. A detailed search was carried out on the barrel and 31 sealed tin cans were found among food items containing Cannabis.

Police also Seized 10.3 grams of Hashish among the shipment. The illegal drugs were taken to Police Headquarters pending further investigations.

On Tuesday, 64 pounds of Cannabis with an estimated wholesale value of $$256,000 were seized at the airport during a joint operation by Police, Customs and Airport Security.

This matter is still under investigation.

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  1. A who in their sick mind keeps doing this to our country name? Sailing week starts and the drugs shipment beginnings.

  2. I heard the GOAB is trying to legalize the mariguana plantation in antigua under the pretext of boosting local economy,I strongly condemn and firmly oppose this policy,which will transform the nation into drug center in the region and will face the strongest sanction from US and even china. we still remember what Chinese do to destroy the gold-triangle in southeast Asia countries to stop drug smuggling. I don’t know why the decision-maker always try to earn money in grey area. first they sell antigua land and resources by CIP,then they sell poor
    Barbuda land,and then they try to sell drugs. some one must stop this now or we will left nothing for OUR descendants. economic powerhouse can not realized by selling land and drugs.

  3. How can the police catch and charge anyone if they’re going to take the drugs to police head quarters, rather than waiting to see who would try to claim the barrel. So how smart is that? The job is incomplete if they’re only trying to make themselves look good in the eyes of the public by announcing a drug bust, but has no one to tie the drugs to. The package should be sealed, have an undercover cop stake out the area, and I would bet that someone would try to pick it up or at least inquire about the package. Don’t just try to look good, complete the job.

    • Who is suppose to clear the packages did already….. The k9. Its all about business. These packages always ended up exactly where they suppose to be. no mistake…. No one will ever get arrested…. Always going to be investigation is ongoing.. Lmao.

    • Correct Ty

      That’s what the Vincentians did to bust the alleged passport selling operations out of Antigua
      They allowed the culprits through immigration and customs and followed them
      Why the Vincentians in antigua cannot so the same

  4. I’m curious, but with all these drugs coming in via shipment, someone MUST be intended to collect the drugs, so why not just wait for the person to come claim the shipment?

  5. This look fishy am wondering if those drugs belongs to the police that is under investigation because since he’s being arrest his stuff getting eat up. Office have some brains when drugs come in just wait and see who come and collected them before are you show up are you dunceness And I hope are you don’t sell it because me know are you tief and lie bad. Be smart for once please let the owners come then buss them.

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