Decomposing bodies to be buried quickly after a/c fails on refrigerated unit, sources report


Residents should expect a number of quick burials, starting tomorrow, Wednesday, October 19, sources tell REAL News, following what is described as “a crisis” in the Pathology Department of the Ministry of Health.

According to reports, a number of bodies awaiting autopsies were being stored in the Department’s refrigerated unit on the Holberton Hospital compound. However, sources say, the unit’s air-conditioning mechanism failed and the corpses reportedly began decomposing.

On Saturday, October 15, our Newsroom received a video that showed flies swarming the container, from which a foul smell reportedly was emanating. However, by Monday morning, the stench was gone, and the container had clearly been disconnected from its power source.

The sources say the improved conditions were on account of the bodies being removed to a private funeral home, with the intention of having them speedily buried, starting Wednesday.

Back in August, reports reaching REAL News said over 30 people were “on ice” and awaiting post mortem examinations. At that time, some bodies had been in the custody of the Government for months, which was a cause of distress for the families longing for closure.

Ironically, after one body had been stored for nearly three months, it was finally released to the family – without the promised autopsy even being conducted.

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  1. This does not surprise me and I’m sorry for those families that can’t get the closure they deserve. An investigation needs to be done o the hospital because something is definitely wrong with all the sudden deaths taking place there. This I state from personal experience with a relative. Thank God for the strength he’s given to me and my family to cope.

  2. How embarrassing! Where’s the backup plan?

    Hopefully, the a/c system is now up and running as we speak … the relatives of the deceased deserves answers forthwith!

  3. If bodies to be autopsied are being stored in that refrigerated unit ,,which was originally intended for storing,, covid victims ,,,, where are the covid bodies now being stored?

  4. Well well. Not even the dead can RIP? As loaded as Gaston is why not make a donation. We know the dead can’t vote but can the families feel respected?

  5. Open up ypur third eye people. This is most likely just a ploy to bury all of these bodies without habong to provide.any explanation as to why they died.

    • Exactly, they know people some of the people that drop dead was from the juice they coerced and frighten them to take. What a good way to hide the evidence. No death is a jibby jab jab death, how convenient.

  6. How embarrassing ! Our country is in absolute ruin at the hands of these incompetent morons. While they arrogantly boast of things, the truth unfolds to shed light on their failures. Two million dollars for a cemetery unaccounted for, and folks have to scramble to find a resting place for their dead. Now this. What will be the cost of another 5 years with these guys? Can we afford the risk?

  7. All these ABLP parliamentary ministers should just step down immediately. Demit office NOW please!
    It is quite obvious that they have accomplished their goals of becoming wealthy and evidently they were never concerned about the well being of this nation of Antigua and Barbuda.

  8. They trying to cover up as much death from the maxcine but they will be held accountable for these poor families. People just dropping dead like it’s nothing, my heart breaks so much these days. I see them ALBP walking around but they need not to only come about during elections.

  9. Way they go bury the bodies? I hear they are piled one on top the other in cemetery. Way the new cemetery? I will bet you UPP will build one. Not even the dead this government can look after.

  10. It is a shame indeed.It It is not good for the health of the people who are in close proximity. Also there should have been a back plan for emergencies such as this.Please don’t forget the families, they need closure..

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