Declaration of Results 2023 General Elections from ABEC


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  1. Wow, All Saints seems the place to be at present. They will hold Gaston Browne and the ABLP to account. Marvellous.

    Congratulations to Anthony Smith and Jamale Pringle – All Saints people dem on point!

    Remember, Brixtonian never hides …

    • … and also a special mention to the electorate of St George (Algernon Watts) and Barbuda (TrevorWalker). Respect!


      • @Brix you can release hfwl dick now your mouth most be tired … looser look at how you like your wounds … now go try serpent … u waste… u will finally stop posting … you didn’t get the senatorship

  2. Can the UPP bring some pressure to bear on whomever has public works for them to stop that age old practice of digging the road and it is just left with mound only to be washed eventually. Factory Road is killing us with this practice.

  3. Thank God it’s all over and neither party can be happy with their performance. The razor-thin margin should limit the arrogance of these politicians

  4. Furthermore to my earlier posts, was the strangest win was by Molwyn Joseph (even though he won by the narrowest margins of only 49 votes).

    This Minister is still behind the push to get Antiguans vaccinated with the dangerous blood-clotting and life threatening AstraZeneca so-called vaccines, whereas, countries like Denmark and the UK have quietly withdrawn it from use.


  5. Congrats to all the winners. Maybe the best outcome for our country. A coalition government! Now we see negotiations, we see dialog, we see democracy. No more my way or the highway. This will be historic, never have we antiguans be so represented with different views in government, God bless our country, and move us all forward.

  6. Gaston Browne,received 1299 Votes and he is the Prime Minister. There are several Candidates winners and losers with more Votes than Gaston Browne. What has become of that so called waste of money,Boundaries Commission. Are they getting paid with taxpayers money? What have they done to justify their paychecks? Some of those Constituencies are way larger than others. There needs to be a balance. Look at Gaston’s Constituency and City East versus St George as an example. It is also time to stop using ink on a finger. This is 2023 not 1823.

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