Decision to send Clare Hall Secondary students home for not wearing PE uniform comes under fire from residents

Newsco photo

Public debate has begun on whether it was right for the principal and faculty of the Clare Hall Secondary School to send home students who failed to show up in their PE uniforms on Thursday, April 21.

Making the rounds on social media are photos that show dozens of students gathered outside the school compound after classes had already begun.

While the students reportedly were sent home for not being properly attired in their physical education uniforms, they were, however, dressed in their regular school wear.

Parents of the affected students were reportedly notified of the situation and were asked to pick them up.

This incident has now sparked widespread debate, with some persons condemning the school for not being more considerate – especially since many households are experiencing water issues.  In some cases, residents complain they have not had running water for at least seven weeks.

A woman tells REAL News that the school’s principal and teachers should realize there is a water crisis.  She says she barely has enough water to do all her household duties; therefore, washing a regular school uniform takes precedence over a PE shirt.

Another parent notes that Sir Robin Yearwood, Minister with responsibility for the Antigua Public Utilities Authority, has indicated that there is enough running water for one daily; however, nothing was ever said about washing clothes, doing dishes or other household duties, she points out.

Yet another woman opines that commonsense appears to have gone to sleep for today’s educators.

Meanwhile, a man questions the rationale for sending students home or locking them out of the compound on account of their uniforms.  If clothing has anything to do with learning, he says, then schools should do away with MOD Day, when students are permitted to wear their personal clothes for a small sum.

How it can be right to send home students for wearing their regular certified uniform, when the PE shirt is not the original uniform, he asks. – REAL NEWS

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  1. School is the preparation for the working world, so if they can’t follow a simple rule in school what will they do when they start to work. If them say wear PE clothes on Thursdays just do um. Some parents like to uphold them children when they know them wrong.

  2. The school can’t always be right. They punish students for the wrong things. Why not send home teachers for inappropriate attire with all them Glory and asses and boobs printed out like a carbon sheet talking bout they’re teaching peoples children.. bunch ah f@(#in hypocrites

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