Decision To Reassign Prosecutor Stands

The decision by the top brass of the police service, acting Commissioner  Atlee Rodney to re-assign a female police prosecutor to the Courtroom of another Magistrate reportedly stands.

The administrative decision was reportedly made last Friday, June 7, 2019, but was said not to have been officially communicated to Chief Magistrate Joanne Walsh. This appeared to have provoked consternation within the Magistracy over the way it was done.

By Tuesday, June 11, the top brass led by the acting Commissioner and his Deputy Everton Jeffers reportedly visited the office of the Chief Magistrate to discuss the re-assignment. The discussions were said not to have yielded an amicable resolution.

Among the Chief Magistrate’s concerns were said to be the completion of several pending part-heard matters and the inexperience of the newly assigned male prosecutor.

These, she reportedly pointed out could severely impact the efficient functioning of the Court and had the potential to clog the Court system with Pending Cases.

According to reliable sources, there was a stalemate when the Chief Magistrate quietly inquired of the rationale for the sudden move, since she had no problems with the female prosecutor.

The acting Commissioner was said that it was necessary for the overall professional development of police prosecutors.

A second delegation reportedly led by a Superintendent and included the Head of the Prosecution Department, Assistant Superintendent Jeffrey Morgan who has a legal background seemed not to have been helpful.

The prosecution department head was adamant that the acting Commissioner’s decision was sacrosanct and that it stands.

By Wednesday, June 12, the effects of an apparent inexperience male prosecutor and his inability to explain the non-availability of Case Files, saw the Court functioning for only one hour between 9 am and 10 am, as there were reportedly no files.

It was further reported that several cases that had adjournments for more than six months, and for which there were no Case Files were dismissed for want of prosecution.

According to a confidential source close to the Court, this situation is likely to continue for the rest of the court-sitting week.

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  1. When will the police force stop looking like a joke?? Mr. Rodney and Mr. Jeffers are looking like two jokey ringleaders running a circus….smdh

  2. Meanwhile back at the ranch, ROBERT 35 and MONYA DYER 33 of Willikies. Did they receive a promotion or commendation for allegedly only paying for 2 out of 3 carts of groceries at Costco in Norwalk Connecticut? Charged with fifth-degree larceny and conspiracy to commit fifth-degree larceny. What is their standing as members of the RPFAB?

  3. What happen to police prosecutors being removed from prosecuting cases in the magistrate court as of June 1st 2019?

    We have the statue, but it’s not being used. What’s the point?

  4. As far as i know the prosecutors are police officers and as such can be transfered to other departments or switched before the courts as the police administration sees fit. The male prosecutor who is now before that court is anything but inexperienced. Fair is fair and u give people their credit when it is due. This to me seems like a petty attempt to make the force look bad. The grown persons behind this story need to act their age and stop this childish nonesense. Plus i dont think if no files were present to take to court today, that The outcome would be the same even if the female prosecutor had been present.

  5. That’s not the case about part heard matters. The chief magistrate and the female prosecutor are tight friends. They go do their hair together among other things. They gossip together etc etc. what the judiciary should be looking at is not the smoke screen about part heard matters but the unfairness that defendants are likely to get when a magistrate and a prosecutor are such close friends. A police prosecutor is not tied to any magistrate nor a case file. Since police prosecutors stem from the same office and same set of case files any prosecutor can start a matter and any can finish. I fail to see the rational behind the uproar about the reassignment except that the chief magistrate wants her bongo friend close to her which is not in the best fairness for defendants appearing before her. I believe an investigation should be carried out at the magistrate court since its being operated by the whims and fancy of the chief magistrate. Next to be reassigned is her self appointed bodyguard so he can learn some real police work.

    • This is very true. An investigation is needed. It is public knowledge of bribes being asccepted in exchange for lesser sentences, person being bullied into pleading guilty, payment and gifts being needed in order for speedy completion of a case and the never ending list of unethical activity. The Chief Magistrate does not wish to have anyone who is not already entangled in the web of duplicity and falsity working in her court room.

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