Decision next week on COVID restrictions


A decision will be made next week regarding the relaxation of current COVID restrictions, Information Minister Melford Nicholas says.

The 6 pm to 5 am curfew, plus closure of all bars and gyms, and ‘takeout only’ restrictions on restaurants, are currently set to remain in place until March 15.

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  1. Schoolchildren say the UPP has new leadership. They say the snake is now the big dog and the members and supporters are calling back for Baldwin Spencer because Harry cannot control the candidates, especially the snake. Schoolchildren say that UPP is breaking the curfew rules and holding regular weekly meetings. People who see them say PM Browne should send Rodney after them to take them down town.
    The new leader, the snake, changed the UPP name to NU-PP. You could hear him in his pit every Saturday, saying how nobody could tell him what to say and who he could cuss out. He gave Harry a new name Captain and carry him into the pit, and you know who is the big man inside there. So Harry looks like the second man. School children say the snake is the one running things and Harry is like jello because is what the snake say goes. The regular members are concerned that he is changing the party and not for good, but nobody is saying anything out loud, but plenty grumbling going on behind back. The pickanaga say the snake bring in his movement people and say who don’t want them don’t want him neither.
    If UPP breaking curfew rules and getting away with it, then the police must stop them. If Lovell can’t control the snake, then how he and his Teenage pageant team expects to run the country? He can’t control Giselle, he can’t control the snake and school children say again that they have sixteen leaders in the party. This message is for Harry. If you can’t control your team, then hand in your resignation to Spencer or Pringle.

  2. Things have only gotten worse. Lot more cases. Do not see how restrictions and curfew can be repealed. Are we going to do like Texas and say to hell with Covid! Back to normal life regardless of covid spread? Clearly not as we are not Covidiots like them.

    • do you know the death rate of covid? and have you done any research and seen statistics on if lockdowns and masks can actually prevent the spread or u’re j believing what msm wants u to believe?

      • What happened in Antigua between March and December 2020?
        You remind me of the clown Pringle

        • The only thing that is relevant NOW is what is happening NOW. People are dying almost daily from the effects of covid. Are you blind? Last year is not relevant to what is happening now. Don’t be a covidiot.

      • I see the number of people dying almost daily now in the hospital due to the effects of Covid. Don’t be a conspiracy theorist/covidiot now.

        • what do you mean NOW lol? ik what’s happening NOW. no shit y’all believe everything bc y’all wanna use ur brain, dont wanna research, don’t wanna read facts. How am i being a conspiracy theorist. im asking facts, n want proofs lol.

    • @ Not So Common:
      Persons in Texas are still wearing their masks.They are still practicing social distancing and washing of hands.The State mandate on wearing of face masks would be lifted next Wednesday. However,businesses have the rights to stop you from entering without a mask.That is a fact.How do I know this.That is up to you to find out.

  3. Antigua and Barbuda Covid deaths are now up to 21.Most of those deaths are from January 1,2021 to March 4,2021.Instead of you people focusing on the serious things in this place.You would come on this portal and write DUNG.

  4. People is going to always die, whether it is cancer, Aids, stroke, vehicle accident, or covid Once there is a birth there will be a death, it is inevitable, i believe in destiny, being fearful would never save mankind. Fear kills cause one to suffer daily, robs you of joy in this precious life.

    Do what you can do protect yourself and stop letting fear control your minds.

    What is the difference between death of covid,cancer, vehicle accident and a person dies at the age of 110?

    Whether you fear death from covid there are other ways or ailments in which our body will succumb to death, live every day like its your last and enjoy it to the fullest.

  5. Curfew restrictions haven’t done a damned thing to stem the transmission.

    Where are Nigel Christian’s murderers? In this small country it’s an embarrassment they can’t find them. This stinks of nefarious people at the top involved.
    Where are Nigel Christian’s murderers? In this small country it’s an embarrassment they can’t find them. This stinks of nefarious people at the top involved.

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