December 28 declared a public holiday


Pointe Xpress: Antiguans and Barbudans are in for a long break next weekend as the Christmas holidays approach. The Cabinet decided on Wednesday that it will ask the Governor General to declare Monday 28th December a public holiday. This is because December 26, Boxing Day, will fall on a Saturday this year.

Cabinet’s request has effectively extended the holiday weekend from Christmas day, which falls on a Friday this year, to Monday, December 28. Cabinet spokesman, Melford Nicholas clarified that the law only addresses what happens when Boxing Day falls on Sunday but is silent regarding what happens when it falls on Saturday.

Under those circumstances, the Cabinet took the decision that it would ask the GG to issue a proclamation declaring December 28 a public holiday. Nicholas also addressed the close of business activities on Christmas Eve.

“The Cabinet reiterated its policy, embedded in law, to bring an end to all commercial activity on Christmas Eve at 8:00 pm. Only essential services may continue past that hour. Gasoline stations and pharmacies are the essential services that may go beyond 8:00 pm,” he explained. Churches are allowed to continue their worship services past midnight on Christmas Eve and Old Year’s night but must end in time to allow worshipers to return home by 1:00 am.

“Private parties are limited to ten persons only and are to end before 1:00 am on Old Year’s night/New Year’s Day. Beaches are open on the holidays for limited hours from 5:00 am to 1:00 pm on the three holidays that are on the calendar, to wit: Christmas Day, Boxing Day, and New Year’s Day. Some consideration is being given to expanding the hours to maybe 3:00 pm,” he stated.

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  1. Cabinet dumps this on the struggling hospitality sector today!
    This translates to an extra day of double-pay.
    Saturday is a normal working day in Antigua hence it would be a public holiday for boxing day.
    I have no quarrel with people earning double pay on public holidays, but not giving businesses time to budget for it is unthoughtful, especially in this economy.

    A reminder to anyone thinking to take a long weekend or week trip off island, you’ll be quarantining at Jolly for 14-days apparently so hold back $1400 pp to pay for it & let your employer know you’ll be back to work around 14 January!

  2. Absolute nonsense! Businesses are already struggling to keep their doors open and now they have to be paying their employees for Christmas Day, Boxing Day and now the Monday too???!!! I swear only in Antigua nonsense like this happens!

  3. Monday,December 28th is a Bank Holiday in England.Because Boxing Day falls on a Saturday 26th.It would be celebrated on Monday.What is so egregious about that.Why are so many persons confused about this in Antigua.When Antigua is a former British Territory and celebrates the same old holiday known as Boxing Day.

    • Shut up! We are independent! A small struggling 3 rd world country. Don’t tell us about what England is doing. Big powerful England!

      Antigua have their own trouble and problems

      • Why you as a coward.Do not come and shut me up.Drop Boxing Day as a Holiday.Bring back Heroes Day in its place instead.Just not around Christmas time.

  4. Idk why all this and Cutie Benjamin stated on air when they had the debate about independence. If a holiday falls on a Saturday or Sunday its celebrated on the next working day.

  5. Looking ahead to 2021 so we can all plan realistically.
    Christmas Day SATURDAY
    Boxing Day SUNDAY
    The Govt website states
    “Christmas Day and Boxing Day – If Christmas Day falls on a Saturday, then the following Monday shall be a public holiday. If Christmas Day falls on a Sunday, then the following Monday and Tuesday shall be public holidays.”
    Please would cabinet confirm, before Christmas Day 2020, if the Christmas Public Holidays in 2021 will be
    a) sat 25 & mon 27
    b) mon 27 & tues 28
    And, please clarify if this means double time is only paid on these dates?

    Most of our Public Holidays happen annually, so they are not a surprise or last minute thing.
    Let’s get organized, make the decisions for all of 2021 annually occurring public holidays now & publish before year-end.
    This is what most other countries do.

  6. I really don’t understand why this is an issue. The clamour should be about simplifying the law to make sense. In usa, if the holiday falls on a Saturday it is celebrated on the preceding Friday. If the holiday falls on a Sunday it is celebrated the following Monday. This is ridiculous that we have the same argument every 6-7 years, where we have to wait until a few days before the holiday for a proclamation from the Governor General. Fix the damn law!

    This has been going on forever, and it has become a problem this year? Chuptz! I work monday – Friday, and I’m off on weekends. If the holiday falls on the weekend why should I lose the holiday? We are entitled to 12 paid holidays every year. Just like businesses want to make money, employees want their time-off to spend time with their families

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