Decades-Old Gazette Enters the debate Over Governor General’s Power to Initiate Inquiry Without Cabinet Advice


Historical records spanning several decades reveal that Commissions of Inquiry have consistently been established based on the recommendations provided by the cabinet.

As evidenced by the May 1990 entries in the Extraordinary and Official Gazettes of Antigua and Barbuda, the then Governor General had expressed intentions to initiate a public inquiry by means of a commission.

This particular inquiry aimed to investigate the circumstances surrounding the transit of arms through Antigua, originating from Israel and destined for Panama and/or Colombia.

According to the aforementioned Gazette entries, the Governor General’s decision to establish the Commission of Inquiry was in line with the guidance provided by the cabinet.

Presently, there is a contentious debate surrounding the authority of the Governor General to initiate a Commission of Inquiry without the advice of the cabinet.

Governor General Sir Rodney Williams has sought two legal opinions, both of which have advised against launching a public inquiry without the cabinet’s advice.

Nevertheless, the opposition United Progressive Party is insisting that he convene an inquiry into what they refer to as the “Antigua Airways/migrant-smuggling scandal.”

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  1. Where are the Cool Rulers and such who conveniently forget history and argued the MBS inquiry was independently instituted by the GG. Telling them a legal opinion, making clear the GG had no such power, was shared by Tim Hector in the Outlet had no sway. Articles from back then make clear it was cabinet who instituted it. Regarding the refuges there is no evidence which implicated its key persons in any illegality. Article after article (eg BBC)have made clear that most of the refuges came via HiFly. Clearly we have persons in A&B, who think they have the right to make up their own facts.

  2. It seems to me that this argument exposes that education may not be as useful as once thought if what is being discussed is actually contentious.
    How is it possible that the GG do not know what his job entails?
    How is it the ones who gave him the job, do jot know what job they gave the GG?
    TO top off the ignorance both parties go to an outside source to find out what job was given and what job did the GG accept?

    Now if are not convinced that all that ignorance prove that education is bull shit, you are just as ignorant as all concerned in the said discourse.

    To fix this problem we must adhere to the labour code and issue job descriptions to the GG, PM, and all government ministers within seven days of their appointment. This will solve majority of the accountability issues that plague the currwnt WEST MINISTER SYSTEM in Antigua

  3. @Tenman. If these were refuge’s as you so vehemnently stated, well why was there such a big celebration for these refugee’s when they came in? I didn’t know that countries celebrate refuge’s when they come to their country, I thought that was left for the many tourist that spend billions to touch the beautiful shore’s of Antigua? Smdh. Bwoy the bullshit you’ll stand behind and sometimes spit out of you’ll grills is just simply amazing to say the least. All the water showers and dignitaries showing up in motor cades, all that for refugee’s? Bwoy a tell yah..I just have to laugh 😂. I don’t give a damn who has the power to do an investigation into this fraud, yes fraud, one has to be done..A fast one was pulled over the people of Antigua here, and the corrupted monies that was gain from this has to be investigated, the same way all government depending has to be accounted for. What does Antigua have to show for all this bullshit,other pure embarrassment!!!

    • Islanam26 why you don’t go and hide in shame? Watch you try and revise history. The Cameroon refugees in general did not come via antigua airlines. watch you now suggest that the first Antigua airline flight brought ceroon refuges. Why you so lie or is it ignorance? L

      • @tenman. So where is the agreement (signed) that the GOA have about this So-called refugee treaty, wasn’t there a treaty that was supposed to be signed and in place when a country agree to accept refugee (willingly)? There is no such agree that can be produced by the government of Antigua, none, because such agreement was needed since the whole lot of these ‘refugee’s’ came here as tourist and were celebrated as such. So stop the spin and bull @tenman,please stop it, not all of us are that dumb to believe such Garbage. These are the things that needs to be investigated, yes investigated, because corruption is a foot here and many lies were told to the Antiguan population, for what reason these lies were told that Antigua Airways was supposed be the bridge that bridge the gap between Africa and the us who were brought here and would live a easy avenue to visit the mother land. That was how this was sold, I know because when the news broke I myself was really interested in such a venture and was happy that such a deal was struck. So this is not politics for me my friend, this is business, so no need for me to lie here, none whatsoever. Now that so many of were lied to, we rightfully deserve answers. @Tenman. I left Antigua over 30yrs ago(1989) and I can tell you this, I have no political ties to Antigua, none, but I do have business ties, and I can tell you this, I don’t give a hoot who runs Antigua, as long as they run the country fairly and not into the ground, I’m all for any good thing the government do, but this was just wrong on so many fronts, and those involved should not be running our island,period!!!

  4. i don’t believe there is any ambiguity about this section of the constitution. There is just a morbid fear of the ALP that an inquiry will unearth the extensive greed and corruption that runs rampant in this society. The minions are simply echoing what the clowns propagate.
    Gaston Browne has never denied the cargo on these planes. He simply, in an effort to deflect, seems more concerned about the capability of these planes to hold the sum of money purported.
    Rodney Williams has shown his cowardice and it is difficult that a man holds a position and seems clueless about his powers as GG. No doubt he gets input from the Dawg. It is my opinion that he is caught up in the get rich scheme initiated by Gaston Brown and is perhaps compromised, like so many here in Antigua and Barbuda.

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