Death of Golden Grove Resident Marks Antigua’s 7th Homicide This Year


Antigua and Barbuda has witnessed its seventh homicide of the year as police launch a probe into the death of a 34-year-old resident from Golden Grove.

The victim succumbed to his injuries in the hospital, over a week after he was reportedly assaulted by a group of men.

The man sought medical attention at the Sir Lester Bird Medical Centre on September 9, informing doctors of the brutal attack.

Sadly, he lost consciousness shortly afterward and was admitted to the Intensive Care Unit, never regaining consciousness before passing away on Sunday.

Details regarding the number and identities of the assailants remain unclear, leaving the community in uncertainty following this tragic loss of life.









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  1. That little corner approaching the hill just before gray hill all of them needs too be picked up they are old enough , don’t forget they are apart of the stabbing that took place on the ball field don’t forget the constantly go down to golden grove school and attack the kids don’t forget they block off the main road to have gang fights don’t forget they were involved in the stabbing that took place last lap and most of all don’t forget they keep terrorizing that neighborhood. The officers know them well people are afraid to venture on that said road just because of those boy and they are of mixed age the older ones recruit them in their parents can’t even speak to them , some attend the ocs and jss we need justice police walk with all of them !!

  2. Point of correction it’s Nut Grove not Golden Grove and it’s not no group of men! Little rude uncontrollable theives from ages12-17
    Somebody needs to teach them lesson!

  3. Something is going to happen and these same parents of these same said children are going to hold them head and bawl. Y’all are warned… Do something about y’all heinous children please.

  4. Look what we have come to.

    So many issues but for this one, this is what we get with a ass-kissing commissioner kissing politicians asses.

    The evidence is there to prove it and in the event he don’t know, the society is being destroyed by criminals right before our eyes.

  5. Wen dem start go missing an nun body can fine dem that a wen dem go cool an me nar talk bout just 1 all lakka 3 go missing one time mek dem mumma band dem belly n bawl

  6. Who Bex Dead!

    Once, all of the proper investigations are done, they are arrested and charged, then found #GUILTY as charged, they ALL should be put to death, on the same day with family, love ones and friends holding up pictures, of the deceased, so they can all see who they attacked, and allegedly beaten, until he succumbed to his injuries.

    Go ahead call Vere a monster. Hey, that’s cool because these young thugs morphing into #HUENAN_MONSTERS with the Spirit of Wild Dogs driving them, have to be dealt with on their terms/rules, since, they’re setting these RULES of combat.

    Again, once #ALL the legal appeals, the intervention of the likes of Amnesty International, set the date! EXECUTE ALL of these young street thugs! PERIOD!

    #WHO BEX DEAD! U cyan dig u own grave too!

    By The Way, I’ve already dug three(3) graves/holes to bury me in.
    One for my physical body. The other for my FRENAMIES and the other for my clone!

    Ras Smood aka Jumbee_Picknee
    De ‘ole Dutty Peg🦶🏿Garrat_Bastard

    Vere C. Edwards

  7. Look how you people slandered the four young ladies couple years ago all over the media send the case to the high court only for the judge to realize it was all lies and the young lady didn’t get injured the way she projected it all because she wanted money even ended up to lowering the charges after the truth came out that she wasn’t Ganged but you people refuse to tell the truth about these little boys some of whom are family members of the same set of people running their mouths on the media daily shame on you people no justice in Antigua evil wicked set of people!

    • It’s true I remember that when the girl said she got 200 stitches and when the medical report came out it was all a lie she even begged people to lie for her. And look now they out here protecting the real criminals wow wow I guess police only have strength for certain people.

  8. These children are out of control. Rodney was not a trouble marker , these children keep interfering with people their hiting people, beating them up etc Rodney wasnt the first person but he is the first to die …when is the government or police going to do something. These children keep saying that no one can do them anything. When they start to disappear cause people start to deal with them I hope their parents wont hold their heads

  9. @ least one idiot must comment,when lack of parenting create these little fool,some clown 🤡 will of course want to blame the authorities,police commissioner and PM live in them house 🏡 you idiot

  10. Sad to see how far Antigua has gone with criminal activities. Growing up in the 70s there was 1 homicide a year, maybe 2 the most in a population of 75 thousand. Children were not running around uncontrollably. Parents and teachers used the STRAP to keep children in order. Now a days very few schools use the strap. I was in Antigua on vacation from California visiting an old cousin at his shop in Nut Grove and 3 youths asked me for “a little change ” . I said no. I told them to go home to their parents. One of them approached me with his 2 friends (all 3 of them seem to be around 16 to 19) and said “muscle man you can’t all 3 ah are we”. He pushed me and that’s when I gave him a hit against the side of his face and took my stance. They immediately realized I knew martial arts and retrieved, with the ring leader telling me “karate can’t bang gun”. The parents of these children are the ones who need the blows more than these children themselves!!!

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