Great start youths, we need you’ll young digital innovators to step up and rid Antigua and Barbuda of this old broken tired, rundown and outdated political landscape. CLICK HERE TO JOIN OUR WHATSAPP GROUP FOR NEWS UPDATES.

Demand from your political leaders both opposition and Government, debates in all 17 constituencies, amongst all candidates who is putting up themselves to be elected to office to make decisions on your behalf.

It should also be broadcast on all radio stations, the audience should be able to ask tGreat start youths, we need you’ll younttg digital innovators to step up and rid Antigua and Barbuda of this old broken tired, rundown and outdated political landscape.

Demand from your political leaders both opposition and Government debate in all 17 constituencies amongst all the  also.

In this was you will be able to assess all candidates and realize their capabilities, and make a more informed decision on Election Day.

Youths get serious with who you choose to lead you, this is serious times, soon everything in the world is going to run on blockchain technology and your Government will have to understand so they can put the right regulations in place.

The world is now ahead of America with this new innovation because the US SEC [email protected] protecting the big banks on Wall st against this now technology and they hurt them by stifling this new innovation, they are calling in the innovators to give them a clear understanding of how the system work, so they will know how to regulate this new asset class.

I am telling you this because you are not going to hear it on mainstream media, I wish all success with your all joke aside digital show, I hope many more youths in Antigua and Barbuda will put all jokes aside and join you, no matter their political affiliation.

Serious business



  1. SERIOUS BUSINESS well said. You sound like one of those intelligent and innovative youth yourself. Congratulations to the UPP youth and their trend setting innovative intervention into the political process.

  2. Youths…please be the change upon which the ENTIRE NATION will balance itself on, and not the conduit for the same old, #divide n #conquer rhetoric.

    It would be a great day in the Nation, if the youths can put aside their Political Party Affiliation, and create a Think Tank from ALL. ALL, ALL political Party’s. The executive which would be in charge of the Think Tank would rotate every three(3) years to avoid political influence(s) and STAGNATION.


  3. YES, loud applause and hats off to UPP’s Progressive Youth who had a great programme last night that had relevant topics with well-thought out answers. I am looking forward to your other activities as you celebrate YOUTH MONTH in August.
    Great job young people!

  4. Just remember in relative terms what the “progressive” movement has done world wide. Here in the ‘States, the most progressive cities (San Francisco, Chicago, Portland) are literal uninhabitable war zones.
    Have a look at the horrible states and cities brought about here and then decide how much “progressiveism” that your nation can endure

    • @Scott…what is happening in these American Cities and others are by #DESIGN by the powers that be, through such things, as REDLINING, lack of proper educational facilities and structure which serves certain communities. Public Funding due to such things as Tax Base.
      One thing is certain with many American Cities, to include those which you mentioned, they are cities of neighbourhoods designed and managed to serve the best interests of HUEmans of lighter HUES.
      Throughout the history of America, and its “progressiveism[s], there have always being violence. This violence for the most part, just like wars, have being designed, implemented and managed by those in the purported upper echelon of the same cities/states. The guns, the drugs, the lack of educational facilities, the lack of respect for others simply because of their HUE are all major factors which are contributing to the violence in those cities which you mentioned.

      On the other hand, you haven’t mentioned, how many cities have outgrown its violence and are progressing well. Examples are New York, Washington, DC, Baltimore(even with its high murder rate) are all progressing. Some call it GENTRIFICATION. What do you call it?

  5. Dear Youth:
    Congrats and good start. As a mother of young people I am very squeamish about young people hanging around political parties. The young women and even the young men seem to get starry eyed from being around all that power, and there is a lot of sexual activity that goes on there. Speaking bluntly, the male politicians prey on them. My relative (not saying what kind because I do not want to get them identified) was one who worked at an election campaign call center.
    My main reason for talking to you is too many of you young people don’t seem to be resolute about anything. I don’t trust you. You are too fickle. You two might say, not us, but coming close to the election that is when your loyalty is tested. The UPP set up a call center before the elections and gave many young people jobs. I watched my relative and I observed the amount of effort and energy the UPP invested in the youth to make the difference. They even offered scholarships when the party got into power. Plenty time and money was spent on them, including especially a slapway one who is now running against the UPP. And for all that you all rewarded their efforts by selling out the data you collected for them and gtot paid for to the other side in exchange for iPhones, tablets and cash.
    When I saw my relative with a new iPhone just days before elections I asked and they told me what was happening.
    After the election one of the candidates who lost told a friend of mine that if the night before elections the other side had a big fete, they will abandon ship and head right there.
    The UPP lost the election because they did not have a meeting the night before election day. That gave the young people time to hand over all the data. They also lost because some of the candidates were not behaving themselves around the young people and they lost respect for them.
    My advice to you is to be different. Do not flaunt yourselves at the candidates. You offer, they will take. They proposition you, put them in their place. I should have listened to my relative when they tried to tell me what was going on. Would have reported it to somebody.

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