Dear Kate, Wife Won’t Give Me Sex After She Traveled


Dear Kate,

Something is going on with my wife. She traveled to the US last in March and when she came home she no longer wants to give me sex. She was never like that. She was a maniac. We would do it anytime anywhere. Now since that trip it’s like she placed a padlock on the kitty. She does everything else. She cooks, wash, takes care of the kids and cleans the house. She just won’t give me sex anymore. Do you think she found someone? Do you think she is being unfaithful? I am worried that I might be losing her.



Dear Fidgety,

I cannot know what has brought on this sudden lack of sexual interest in you by your wife. What I do know is that a woman can withhold sex from her husband for many reasons. For argument sake let’s just say she had an affair abroad. I don’t think that would prevent her from having sex with her husband. You need to first talk to your wife and explain to her what you’ve just told me. Ask her why she isn’t intimate with you anymore. Most often than not, a woman uses sex to punish her husband for something he did, especially if it relates to another woman. So, examine yourself. See if there’s anything you may have done. Cheated perhaps? The answer to your problems might be right in front of you.






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  1. Shevmight be saving his life. Maybe she cheated and found out that the person she cheated with has some form of disease. Something as serious as HIV which can leave their kids parentless. You should talk to your wife though.

  2. Maybe she found someone in the US. She might fall inlove with this other man and don’t want to cheat on him with her husband. Maybe she don’t know how to handle the problem. Take your wife out to dinner and have a heart to heart talk with her without the children around as a distraction. Be real and talk straight up about your problemd

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