DEAR KATE: She’s Only After My Father’s Money


My father wants to marr this woman who I know only wants him for his house and money.
My father is 67 and after my mom died he was lonely. And I understand that. 
Then came along this helper who would come in three times a week to cook for him and clean up.
The next thing the woman moved in because he said sometimes he needs her on days she isn’t working. 
Now the woman and my father are in a relationship.
I came to the house to drop off some food and the lady half naked in bed with my dad.
The man is 67 and I am sure he can’t even have sex but she is manipulating him with her body.
She is 43 and she needs to get a man her own age. 
She drives his vehicle. She has suddenly become the woman of the house.
Bombshell now because my father talking about marrying the woman.  
Well now is war because my father worked all his life and he don’t need any Spanish gold digger to take what he worked for.
That marriage need not to ever happen. What should I do?
Concerned daughter

Hello Concerned Daughter,
I understand your concern. Have you spoken to your father?
I will admit though, the heart usually wants what it wants and he may never listen to you. 
Furthermore, if your father is in his right mind then nobody can prevent him from marrying; sadly not even you.
Sometimes people have to learn from their mistakes. 
If he’s making a mistake and this woman just wants what she wants then he will see that.
I know you’re thinking well he could die and she would inherit everything right?
I have seen stories like that play out where the dishonest person dies before they inherit a cent from an innocent individual.
You can’t fight this marriage. You can pray your father sees the light. Whether she loves him for real or shes only after his money.


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  1. Concerns Daughter just attend the wedding ceremony and get a front SEAT. Have all of your concerns as to why your Daddy should not married in writing. When the minister says ” If any one have any reasons why this man and woman should not be join in Holy Matrimony speak up now or for ever hold your PEACE”. At that juncture spring to your feet and state your case. The law places a duty on the Minister to adjourn the wedding ceremony and put a committee in place to investigate all of your concerns.
    So please press on! Press on! Don’t give up!
    God is good all of the Times.

    • First and foremost, you giving her ideas to stop the wedding , do you know that her father can hate her for that……can she full fill his needs when he want……can she sex him or s***k him when he wants…..come on ppl the man have needs and this just sounds like a case of “little girl tantrum” …be grown about it “WHEN YOU WANT YOU MAN DOES DADDY STOP YOU BUD”

  2. Daddy realises he cant take the car and house with him. So he wants to enjoy his retirement chasing this 43 yr old around the house. Make sure he dont cut you out your inheritance. Might be wise for him to get a prenup agreement tho. So call before you go over and get your own relationship.

  3. Whoes money?
    Whoes house?
    Whoes life?
    So what’s the problem again?
    She should earn her own money
    Build her own house and
    Get her own relationship and allow the elder to full joy the fruits of his livity…LIFE IS NOT ABOUT MATERIAL THINGS

  4. Well let me say, it can be genuine… I am 37 and my baby father is 54, am sure people didn’t like the idea of the relationship, we do love each other and care for each other… just just give him a little space he is responsible enough to know if that’s what he want or not…. my man has money but am not in for his money, I get my job and do what I can do for myself… trust me we both are happy…. just you just be happy and pray that the woman is there for your dad, keeping his company might give him another 10 years to his life…

  5. I think that she is only thinking about the house, the car and the money. she doesn’t realize that her father after all this time alone, found someone to share his life and enjoy it again. She said that he is 64 and can`t have sex, my father is 72 and still can have sex. Stop thinking about the material things and let your father enjoy his lasts years on earth!

  6. Look! I see where you’re going…. concerned daughter make a Will signed by your dad and get it notarized, before he gets married…..sit back and enjoy the wedding.

  7. Everybody talking about leave the man alone, he got needs etc. Yes he does have needs, but is anyone of you going to look out for his best interest when the gold digger takes his money and house and then send for the rest of her family to live in something they ain’t work for. Speaking from personal experience, my father had a woman when he was well and could move around. She got money like sheep shit. They were together for years as soon as he got sick, I couldn’t find the witch. She never had a job but always look nice. Who’s looking after him now, it’s me the daughter. The one that he never listens to. Every time I would visit him in the rehab center, the look on his face is priceless as if to say. thanks for looking for me, if I did listen. Lady, you are right to be concerned about your father’s wellbeing. At the end of the day, none of them are going to help you. Good luck.

    • Wise…he who feels it knows it…ppl can say whatever but when the baggage falls on the children, who is gonna help? I’m sure the daughter has her own house etc.
      Many feign affection and when the tuff gets going they are gone. This is not negativity speaking, that’s LIFE. Mark you, genuine love across generations can happen but…
      Daughter you ‘llow dem see. State your position and ‘llow dem cause they will blame you for destroying their ting. When the money run out and the fun dun, hopefully fiennes has space cause sometimes you have to let ppl see the folly of their ways. Tuff but …..

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