Dear Kate, My sister is a witch

Dear Kate
My sister is a witch. I know it because when she wants anything she does sorcery. She wanted money last week and she had an oil rubbing in her hands. Then when she wanted her husband to stay home she put some dust in his shoes and now he cannot leave the house. When she wanted a job she sprayed her body and went to the interview and even if she didn’t qualify she got the job. Now she is jealous of me and I think she might use magic to make me miserable or even kill me. We no longer speak to each other because my mom died and left me a piece of land and she is upset. She thinks she is the one to have gotten it. All of a sudden bad things started to happen to me and I know it is her. She is using witchcraft on me. Should I be worried?
Dear Jinx
You are giving your sister too much power over you and that is the first thing that you are doing wrong. She is powerless and unless you afford her that power. I am pretty sure that if your sister had all the magic power in the world she would have used it to ensure your mother gave her the land instead. You see, the thing about people who meddle with necromancy is that they need someone to believe in it for it to take effect. Don’t be that someone. Trust in your maker and lean not on your own understanding. If you sister is indeed a witch (I don’t believe in them), then eventually she will destroy herself. Stay on the right path. Everything else will fall in place.

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  1. Hi Jinx:

    Firstly, you should see righteous counsel from a Pastor in an Evangelical church.

    I do believe your sister is a witch; they DO exist Dear Kate. If she don’t believe or ignore that does not mean nothing will happen to her. As she said bad things already started to happen.

    Neither the sister NOR Satan is all powerful. This means it was not a must that the sister had to get through with having the mother give her the land. Besides, it was said that the sister thought she would have gotten it (implied in the fact that the sister thinks she deserves it). I am assuming the sister is THE BIGGER/OLDER SISTER?

    Secondly, do not call yourself Jinx. Again; seek out a Pastor of the Pentecostal, Nazarene, Wesleyan etc denomination and have them guide and pray with you. IF you are not a Christian; get under the blood of Jesus by becoming a Christian. Confess you are a sinner and accept Jesus’ free gift of eternal life through grace and the forgiveness of your sins.

    Do these things RIGHT AWAY!!!

  2. Dear Kate

    I very well appreciate your advice to Jinx.

    For a little more clarification as “Minister of the Gospel of Christ” alluded to and i would add, seek Jesus; yes witches are real and so are many other things that our Christian bibles and other religious books/manuscripts reveals to us but we only pass over them as we read and then say “i am saved”!

    It burns me up when religious individuals state “there are no such things” but yet they call themselves whatever religious denomination they boast about and YET in their center of their religious books/manuscripts it is greatly high lighted in many versions, many stories, many miracles etc.

    I once sat in the midst of a certain denomination church board when a very well known and should be wise and should be respected Ole Pastor vehemently told his board members no such things were there. But yet it was read to him at that very board meeting about what King Saul went and did (if you read your bibles you would have known). It (Religious manuscripts such as The Bible) also stated what the Lord Thy God commands you from seeking men or women who delves in such too, (Like in Leviticus etc.) AND oh certain scriptures in Psalms that we love to read and state even say to protect us from things that fly by night etc.

    Now to cut short, remember that a “religion” which is based off of Christ (i wonder which religion) also states that He performed miracles of removing “evil spirits” or “demons” from many men, women and children and these are from many different books based on the New Testament.

    Now for any religious denomination (Christians, Islam, etc.) “attendee”, “believer”, “born-again” etc. to come and state that there is “no such” or that they “don’t believe” in such, should stop boasting about the religious denomination or better yet stop dreaming about the hopeful future promise of happiness that that Religious denomination Diety (God) promised to them. Because they are making jokes of what the Almighty is saving them from. If you understand what i am trying to warn you from!

  3. Girl go to church. Most importantly trust I God and believe in him. Fear makes your mind wonder. Stop. God is stronger than what your sister is doing.

  4. Occultism isn’t always a bad thing, you see I used such magic too, instead it made my life miserable when time passed. Don’t worry eventually she will get tired out, be weak and decide to give up. It took me a lot of energy and I had to stay sick in order to get things done so the actual deeds and wishes I had were done for me. All of these things came out but it still left me unsatisfied and helpless, so I no longer do those kind of things. Trust me, I was one and I am no longer one because this is way too negative and I couldn’t handle it any longer. When things turn out bad for her (which will happen sooner or later) she will realise (hopefully) that is asks a lot from you to in order to get things you want your way.

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